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F1 2017: intervista al Creative Director Lee Mather


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Realizzata da Gamingbolt

In a game like F1 2017, authenticity is obviously paramount. What are some of the ways you are ensuring that the game can provide players the authentic F1 experience?

Obviously this year there was a big change in the rules: the cars are heavier, the cars are wider, the tires are much larger as well. We have all the technical regulations to work from the start. So we start there. Then we start looking at the lap times that are achieved, Watch all the TV footage, we get all the data down to see exactly how the driver times a lap. It’s not just a case of say we need to achieve a lap time of one minute 30 seconds. It’s how it is achieved. Is it achieved because the car brakes faster, or is it because the car corners very fast, or is it achieved because it’s faster in a straight line? We balance the cars so they achieve the lap times realistically.

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