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Assetto Corsa iCALCS v1.15.2


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Welcome to

Assetto Corsa iCALCS – integrated Car Assessment, Lap Time and Combo Searcher

- another wiki-project by fantomas76 - 

(latest release version 1.15.2)


Click here and create your own copy. Do it once a day after 00:01 GMT to have the latest lap times updates. But don’t do it and keep the one you already have if RSR WR lapboard isn’t updated with new AC contents. No problem if you didn’t buy some DLC, get your “iCALCS” copy and just ignore those cars. You can’t use a whatsoever copy with any edition of Microsoft “Excel”. Selectable cells are bordered in yellow. Please, kindly quote “iCALCS” in your dedicated server name. Make a donation to andrea.anania@gmail.com.


What is this?

“iCALCS” is an integrated Car Assessment, Lap Time and Combo Searcher for “Assetto Corsa” (by Kunos Simulazioni).


Who is the author?

It’s me, Andrea “fantomas76” Anania.


And who are you?

I’m the author of “Assetto Corsa Car Summary List” and “iCALCS”.


It is based on Google Sheets, right?

Yes, because of better sharing and usability, but I think Microsoft “Excel 2013” (on which “iCALCS” was originally born and then converted from) is much better.


This is only your opinion. Are you a programmer?

No, I’m not a programmer, and of course that’s my opinion.


Is this new spreadsheet perfect?

No, but this is only my opinion as well.


Just in case, are you gonna make it better?

I don’t know. But maybe you and all the simracing community could do it or help.


Is there a place where people could post this help?

The official forum of "iCALCS" is inside the AC official forum, so you need both Steam and AC accounts to access.


By the way, the full name of the spreadsheet doesn’t help me to understand what it does. Explain.

Errr… Nope.


Uhm… Please, explain.

Ok, now it’s good. If you know “Car Summary List”, you will notice that it’s the main part od “iCALCS” too, so we have a big bunch of informations for every car in AC and try to use them to have a better idea of what car we are gonna choose for our driving experience, or maybe to create more reasonable combos.


So, does this make “Car Summary List” obsolete?

Yes, you can scrap it with no future regrets, because all that it was is inside “iCALCS” now. And there is more.


Tell us. Sorry, tell us, please.

Open the link and immediately create your own copy by clicking the proper voice in the File menu. If you don’t create your copy, you won’t interact with anything useful into “iCALCS”. Do it and the the whole thing will get alive, but beware, you have to do it every day, because it is a little “dead” in your hands anyway since it doesn’t get new lap times by itself. You better know that the UI is build through Microsoft Edge browser and optimized for a Full HD display resolution of 1920x1080 pixels at 100% zoom with default Google Sheets buttons. You should be in the “Car Assessment” sheet where you find that big bunch of informations. You can read and sort them in different ways, then you have to choose as many cars as you want to prepare a comparison. You choose a car by selecting “V” symbol in the “Select” column. A car for which you don’t select any symbol is a non-selected car just as another one with “X” symbol selected. If you first select a car and then you want to unselect, but you are not sure, you want to remind which was or exclude it temporarily, I suggest to unselect it by choosing “X”. Copy and paste “V” or “X” for multiple selection/deselection. Now, keep in mind that every car is identified by its full name, but especially and briefly by an ID number. If you wanna be sure you have selected a certain car in the next sheets, you need to double check that ID.


Mmh… I take note… Go on.

Just before we pass by, look near the far right. Amongst these informations, there are claimed top speed and 0-100 acceleration values and then you can see two empty columns: they are relative to the ingame verified values. Fill these spaces can be a highly subjective matter, because you can use different weather and track conditions, different car setups or different peripherals and subsequently obtain different performances, so I left a free space to put the top speed and the acceleration you’ve achieved. But actually I would like to launch a sort of “Adopt a car” social campaign by wich everybody can take a car in his heart, try everything’s possible to achieve the best top speed with the best 0-100 and then share the numbers. He also can take care of his car when there’s a new game changelog because a new tyre model, for example, has altered the numbers, so he goes back to keep them up to date. This would be by the community for the community, because I believe the community needs this kind of search. And this is why I did my “wiki” effort to produce this “wiki” work.


Hopefully is a good idea.

I think so and I tell you: searching the best acceleration and the top speed it’s very engaging and funny, but also lets you know something of the game you’d never know differently. It’s like unlocking a new hidden game mode and I think you can hardly stop to a single car if you experience the fun of it.


I see there’s a rating. What kind of rating is it?

Yes, it’s the “iCALCS Rating” and it represents the overall speed of the official cars through a single number. It does it accordingly to the sum of lap times registered on all the official circuit. Simple as that.


You are talking about a very delicate argument…

Definitely. Due to the subjectivity of its implications, “rating” is a problem in itself, because your way to rate something is different than mine and the same is for driving. But here we achieve a representation of how much a car is averagely faster than another by the most objective parameter available: all the lap times are made by different users on slow tracks, fast tracks, etc., with different setups, etc., but finally, it’s the sum of many subjective parameters that brings you a single objective overview.


So, if you have a car rated 300, for example, you know it’s averagely twice faster than another rated 150?

Not exactly. It’s the opposite: the lower the rate, the better. You might think that a car with 800 bhp is approximately 10 times as fast than another with only 80, but it isn’t. Weight to power ratio is a better way to understand what cars are “on paper”, but it’s still not enough, because the “on paper” situation is something that comes yet before running on circuit. The problem also is that “fun of driving” or “commitment” and so on are variables that go deeply into the subjective field of rating, so you can give your own rate, but maybe you can’t speak of it because nobody’s gonna agree, no matter the zodiac sign. This is why I wanted to find objectivity through subjectivity, so I collect every simdriver’s contribution, relate with tracks and melt everything in a single rating number. Then, if a car lets you be in front because it’s faster, you’re gonna tend to like it and wanna see a clear picture of this speed. I think this way of rating works quite well in representing the real average gap between cars “on track” instead of “on paper”. Infact, still following your example, you’re not gonna easily find a car with double the rate of another just because it has half the power or twice the weight/power ratio, but only because it is averagely twice as slow. In a few words, you really have to struggle with a monster of a car to reach only 2 times the performance of the slowest of the bunch and the “iCALCS Rating” tells you the story at a single glance. It is also steadily dynamic and self updating.


What do you mean?

I remember when I was very young and I already was used to read many car magazines dreaming of driving supercars, but after my personal taste on brand, styling, etc., I couldn’t decide which was my favourite whithout taking into account the final judgement of the editor. Which was subjective, by the way. As I had chosen one, ten issues later the judgement of a new rival came out and my favourite changed. This proved the influence of a rating to me, since I never drove any of those cars and I had to choose without any real experience. But that’s not the only problem: I still have those magazines and also buy today’s ones. If I open a 1984’s issue, I can find the same rating for my ex-favourite car as before, let’s say 9 out of 10 or 4,5 stars, because the paper didn’t update by itself over these years. So, when I open today’s issue and read the rating given to one of the spaceships on wheels we are used to dream nowadays, I have a little laugh ‘cause the final numbers might be the same of a beefened coupé with enlarged wheelarches and fabric upholstery of the past. Ok, time has passed, but this is terribly wrong if we make a comparison in absolute terms. “iCALCS Rating”, instead, is based on lap times and circuits on which they are clocked around, so it stays there if nothing changes, and yet the gap between cars always changes according to actual relative performances. There isn’t any range of evaluation capped to 10/10, 5 stars or whatever, so we have unlimited possibilities to keep coherent ratings yet respecting car evolution in years. This is what we need since we can test ingame old and new models side by side: a way to evaluate that shapes itself through time. And it’s all objective. Objective, steadily dynamic and self updating as most as possible.


Flawlessly perfect, perfectly flawless…?

No no no, it can show some flaws for sure when lap times are bugged or when some cars don’t have a lap time for every circuit for example. For the latter problem I give you a report of missing lap times and, again, I invite you to fill the gap!


Oh yes, “Adopt a car”!

No. There’s another social campaign for this and it’s called “Be the fastest”. To give your contribution, you simply find the missing lap times and go for it. Since there are no lap times scored for that particular car/track combination, you’re gonna be the fastest and enjoy the glory of the recordmen for a while! I’m sure Andy Warhol would have been proud of this!


Very interesting. And then?

Now, while in “Car Assessment” you mostly know cars through technical features and general informations, in “Quick Leaderboard” and in “Lap Times Browser” you can view all the world records set on every circuit by every car (if available) and compare by pure performance with only few or no hints at other features.


Wait, wait, wait. World records? What are you talking about?

All lap times come from the renown RSR Live Timing, the most complete, reliable and commonly accepted lap time database available for AC out there. “iCALCS” retrieves the updates once every day between 23:00 and 00:00 GMT and they are available after a minute or so.


Hold on, RSR Live Timing sucks! Those times are often slower than my personal bests and when they are faster, it means people are cheating.

Bwoah… If you think so, go to set your best lap times with RSR Live Timing app switched on and contribute to the cause. The more lap times RSR will get, the more useful, reliable and precise “iCALCS” will be. Otherwise, make another live timing app and come back here.



Hey, don’t worry, I’ve something for people like you.


Please, continue.

In “Combo Searcher”, look at the yellow bordered cells. You need to select one track and one car first. This is the car you maybe want to drive and potentially compare with every other one you have selected in “Car Assessment”. It’s quite a rare coincidence that two different cars has the same best lap on a certain track, but if there are you’re gonna see them. Now you can set a delta time above and below the RSR world record (use the format “mm:ss,000” and digit altogether, for example “0.00.00,500” if you mean 500 milliseconds). This is to include other cars in the comparison that are in the overall performance window you have created by digiting those deltas (lap time between WR minus fastest personal delta and WR plus slowest personal delta). This also means you could suppose you are faster than the WR or slower in other laps. Of course you can insert lap time deltas based on you real experience. At this point, “iCALCS” gives the first list of possible car opponents by lap times sorting them automatically by faster (red column), equal (yellow) and slower (green) ones. You can read this as 3 different racing classes, if you like! Now, if you come back on top and set further deltas for your opponents, and so spread the overall lap time window (lap time between your personal best minus fastest opponent delta and your personal worst plus slowest opponent delta), you will extend the list of potential opponents too.


Ok, understood, but can you explain *exactly* when opponents are classified red, yellow or green?

We said you have a lap time window, or at least you could have set one. Yellow is everything inside this window, so between or equal to your fastest lap time and your slowest lap time. Then, red is for lap times faster than your fastest lap time but always within or equal to the “top barrier” of opponent fastest. Green is for lap times slower than your slowest lap time but always within or equal to the “bottom barrier” of opponent slowest.


Good, I’d rather classify faster cars with green and slower with red though…

Really? Uhm… I don’t agree… I used the traffic lights colours meaning green as something you don’t care much about because you are faster, and red for other cars you have to pay more attention to like in multiclass races… I just said before, those 3 classes… Le Mans 24 hours, Spa 24 hours, Silv… You know… that kind of car races.


Oh yeah, the WEC stuff… yeah yeah… I’ve heard something about… And yellow?

Oh, yellow is for… let’s say, imminent danger of losing your position on the finish line… I like that.


What are those percentages up there for?

They represent the lap time window I told you before and give a different numeric perception of it. I mean that they are useful to read how wide is the difference between the edges of your lap time settings. Up in the setting panel you have absolute percentage according to your choices, but if you pay more attention, you will notice that down in the opponents list they are relative to the actual lap times that come out from the search. There is a rule in Formula 1 that makes use of this approach to kick you out of the grid, so I thought somebody will appreciate the function they have. For sure we are all gonna be happy for the nice presence of the percent sign in the spreadsheet. It looks like a pretty little dog begging for food! So cute, isn’t it?


Ooookkey, move on.

Yes. Now, without changing the numbers you already have here, you can still go back in “Car Assessment” at any time and include other cars or delete them from the comparison. Or you could go back there to re-assess all technical and general informations and choose which one you want read beside every car in the opponent list in “Combo Searcher”. Infact, you can select every single car feature and correlate, for example, the kg/bhp ratio to the lap time or see how a car with less power and maybe better traction can keep up with others with more grunt, etc.


Uhm, good. What is(are) the source(s) of that bunch of informations?

I use the official changelog, ingame informations and devs posting to get the "initial truth". I tried to identify the right car reproduced and report the correct name and figures through research on books and on the internet, because there are errors and inconsistencies, as well as KS rarely speaks properly about the exact cars we got. I took Wikipedia style KS car descriptions in consideration again only if they kinda speak for developers' intentions in some way. Power and torque curves shown are so strange... I tried to sort things by watching into “ui_car.json” for every single car verifying numbers with official sources. Still not have the right values for some cars, besides that “ui_car.json” are even not the simulated ones. Like easily understandable at this point, the "Genre (Racing Category and Homologation)" column is initially referred to the assettocorsa.net official webpage, but there are errors and inconsistencies even there (already posted), I was still unsatisfied, so I rethinked the whole classification trying to sort the cars out and adding some additional information. In general, a certain kind of data is inserted only if available for all cars, so you can compare them. This is why there are no speed and acceleration figures right now and some other infos are taken from external sources to fill the empty spaces with reasonable and reliable numbers.


Where are all the intermediate times? RSR got them for every lap completed. Oh, and I see there are not usernames to remind who has done the WR.

I’m really sorry, but it’s impossible for me to retrieve and use intermediates in the spreadsheet. I can retrieve usernames but these were never considered since the start of the project because they are mathematically useless and require space in the interface. You can still have a look at RSR website for what's missing. I’ve placed an hyperlink in “Combo Searcher”.


Why can’t I find any modded cars and tracks?

They are not in it. I took in consideration only AC official PC cars and tracks, because I’m not gonna download and collect any data of any mod, neither catch all the updates and different versions that come out every week.


Official AC cars and tracks get updates too and don’t forget even RSR includes modded cars and tracks.

Yes but, even with all the problems with AC devs, it’s another story, definitely more reliable and followable stuff.


I think you are overestimating yourself a bit. Do you hate modders?

No, I admire them a lot, but I need they get hired by KS to see their works included in “iCALCS”.


Is this why modders should hate KS?

Bwoah… Talk with them…


I haven’t foundy any video tutorial where people can quickly appreciate what is like to use “Hilocks”. You should do it, everybody does video tutorials these days.

“iCALCS”. I’m currently watching some video tutorials on how to make a video tutorial.


And what is the update frequency of “HiCall”?



Of course, “iCALCS”.

Possibly every time and within some days after AC for PC is majorly updated. But could also be never. And the release version of “iCALCS” is simply the same of AC, so you can easily check if you have the latest one. For example, the first release is v1.14.4, just like AC has arrived until back then. If a newer version of AC doesn’t have any significant update regarding “iCALCS” contents, probably there won’t be any “iCALCS” update.

…Oh, and it all depends on when new contents are available inside RSR Live Timing tables as well. For this reason, when RSR is not updated yet, “iCALCS” is substantially out of order and you better don’t download your daily copy until the new release is out.


I don't believe it’s print friendly, isn’t it? Will it ever be?

(crosslegging and speaking slower) Weeellll… I consider myself a sensible guy… and I take care of the environment that these days is a big concern for human kind… I always wanted to think and create stuff that contributes to harm hour planet the less possible and this time I had an idea that is a very innovative one. “Print unfriendly” stuff, as they call them, made possible a great wood waste in the past, because documents required more paper (and ink as well) to be printed. Then, “print friendly” stuff encouraged deforestation in the same way because people felt free to print everything believing that forests were already safe… That’s crazy, I mean, it’s crazily crazy… Now, due to the effect of this sequence of things, I think the best possible innovation is… to come back to print unfriendly stuff, so people will never print anymore! I think it’s a brilliant idea! In other words, “iCALCS” is not easily printable for a reason. No time was wasted to check if whatsoever sheet is any good out of a printer. To demonstrate I’m serious and want to save more ink and paper, just in case somebody’s gonna print this TV interview, I will answer your two last questions with a single “No” and tell you that this is good for both, no need to write or print twice.


(long pause) …This is not a TV interview.

Err… I know, I know… These are a series of f**k.


”F**k”? Maybe you mean FAQ…? Anyway, quite a long answer to save forests.

Yep, sorry, FAQ. But I need to say that “iCALCS” doesn’t leave all users without possibilities. Infact, I actually re-apply another big idea you’ve already found in “Car Summary List”: the “My Combos” sheet.


What was that?

It was and it is a place where you can paste anything you want during your assessments and searches.


Let me see… So, you simply have added a blank sheet and claim it’s a brilliant idea? Come on, you have only changed the default name…

It is! And I tell you, I’ve found a smart name too! Nothing could ever be better than a blank space, ‘cause it gives neverending possibilities and “iCALCS” is the first spreadsheet where the clean sheet is there for a reason and not to be ignored or deleted before saving the file. Come on, confess, you’ve done it at least once in your life!


Is at least this last sheet customizable printwise?

Yes, the whole “iCALCS” is, but don’t write this too loudly…


Ok, God, get outta here. Is there anything you would say to the community?


1st: don’t be disappointed with RSR world records. We always need new lap times, so don’t complain, go and set more and more world records with RSR Live Timing.

2nd: thanks to RSR blokes that gave me the permission to use their lap times.

3rd: this is a work of an absolute beginner like me, so if you have any suggestion, I’m here to listen, but remember: I’m not an “Excel” neither a “Google Sheets” expert.

4th: adopt a car!

5th: be the fastest!

6th: data collection is a very long job, so consider to make a donation through PayPal to andrea.anania@gmail.com.

7th: data collection for new car features or double checking them, multiplied by all the cars, could be deadly stressing for me, so I could need a serious practical help from the community. Please, contact me.

8th: if you have chosen a combo by using my work, would you mark your hosted racing sessions with “iCALCS” name in it? It would be a very kind courtesy from you.

9th: please make me know of any possible different use of “iCALCS” other than the one it was intended by me.

10th: no dogs were harmed in the making of this work;

11th: support Kunos Simulazioni and Radiator Springs Racing Team. They deserve it as well. After me.


Last question: tell me, you use irony because you got no technical words to describe this thing, right?

No, I use irony because “iCALCS” is nothing special.





http://www.racedepartment.com/attachments/car-assessment-capture-jpg.198662Car Assessment



Quick Leaderboard



Lap Times Browser



Combo Searcher



My Combos








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Please everybody, re-download your copy from the original link in the OP and delete/overwrite what you had before. The previous is critically bugged, because it tends to be slow and doesn't complete the laptimes updates correctly.
I've also improved the FAQ a little, but didn't change the release version though.
Thank you very much.
Edited by fantomas76
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Hi guys, I'm proud to announce the first (and maybe only, at least for this year) "iCALCS" contest!

Are you a graphic designer or simply you have passion and skills for designing a logo? Yes? Are you sure? Goodwood! You can take a chance to design the new "iCALCS" official logo!

You'll be given two tasks, the first is to design the logo starting from my idea of it and the second is to develop your one, so you're gonna create two logos in one contest! Pretty convenient, isn't it?

The only judge is me, but I promise I will compare both my left and right side brain opinions before announcing the winner.

The contest is also launched in AssettoCorsa.net, RaceDepartment.com and SimRacingZone.net forums.

What's the prize? The winner logo will be inserted in the spreadsheet and you will be credited for it. Furthermore, since I don't earn any money for "iCALCS", but you can make a free donation, I shouldn't pay anything either, but I'm a good guy and want to thank the winner properly. So, in case you are the winner, I will pay you a pizza (€ 15,00) by giving you some money via Paypal. All the logos will be my property from then on and only the winner will earn the prize.

You can apply if you want to send me only one logo, but you eventually will see it in the spreadsheet, you will not be credited and you'll gonna take half the money.

And what if I don't like the logo? Could happen. In this case there will be no logo and no credits in the spreadsheet, but I will post the winner and give him/her half the money anyway.

If you want to take part in the contest, please send me a private message in this forum so we can start to keep in touch and I can give you the task.

The contest will end September the 30th 2017, so you can apply and send your logos until then. The winner will be announced within October 2017

Thank you very much and good luck!

Edited by fantomas76
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Dear Simmates,

I'm proud to announce that a new version of Assetto Corsa iCALCS (v1.15.2) is out now!

You can find it and create your copy by this new link. Of course, it carries on the newest ingame official contents, but I also hope you will appreciate the changes I've done to make you find it even more handy and accurate.

There are only two new things I want to highlight here:
- the "iCALCS Rating";
- the "Adopt a car" campaign;

Discover more in the FAQ section.

We recommend to not use the previous version anymore and to read again the FAQ tab, because there are improvements over how the spreadsheet works.

Make me know of any problem or mistake and feel free to give me any suggestion but, first of all, have good races!

Take KERS, bye bye.

Andrea "fantomas76" Anania

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Dear Simmates,
here some more changes to iCALCS. The release version number (v1.15.2) hasn't progressed:
- introducing "Quick Leaderboard" tab that lets you know the rank of every single laptime for of every official car around every official track. You can create your chart in a fully flexible way, from top to bottom or viceversa;
- further "iCALCS Rating" and rank integration in all the tabs. The rating has also been improved;
- "Be the fastest" campaign launched!;
- various changes and bugfixes (read the FAQ and the Changelog for more infos);
We recommend to not use the previous version anymore.

Make me know of any problem or mistake and feel free to give me any suggestion but, first of all, have good races!
And now about the 2017 iCALCS contest:
- number of participants: 0
- number of logos submitted: 0
- number of winners: 0
- number of prizes given: 0
- level of unsuccess: acceptable
That's it, take KERS, bye bye.

Andrea "fantomas76" Anania
Edited by fantomas76
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  • 9 months later...

Hello guys. A message to those who contact me to ask if an updated version of iCALCS will come out with the latest DLC machines: everything would be ready, but there are two problems currently unsolvable and not dependent on me and they are the lack of the Lamborghini "Huracán Performante" record lap times on RSR Live Timing and a bug to Google Sheets scripts. So I do not think so at the moment. I'm sorry because the new version contained some other new features. And to those who ask me about the future of iCALCS on Assetto Corsa Competizione I say that there will not be any, because the cars of the game are all belonging to the same category with the same regulation, so I think it is quite useless. However, you never know...

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