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Audi Sport TT Cup & Seat Leon Eurocup by Shaun Clarke


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Dopo il successo della Ginetta GT, Shaun Clarke ha deciso di lavorare alle nuove versioni aggiornate del Audi Sport TT Cup mod e Seat Leon Eurocup mod per Assetto Corsa. A questo link tutti i dettagli, in attesa dei mods.


Audi Sport TT Cup.jpg

SEAT Leon Eurocup 1.jpg

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l'ultimo aggiornamento da Shaun


Well I am still here, still working hard, but as promised, I thought I would drop a small update. Been spent most of my time working on the Audi this week, and it now has full flashing headlights, I have also increased the brightness, front and rear. All the CAMS are now fixed with proper eye level. Dash Cam is a bit hit and miss, might need tweaking, but as I don't use it, I will need some feedback on that.

Gear ratios are now properly fixed, and P2P re-charges at a better rate. FFB and increased but gives you a better feeling, without clipping.
Steering Ratio is more precise and again, gives you better handling of the car.

AUTO GEAR BOX WORKS!!!! Yep spend all last night on it, again up and down Monza and around and around, but it doesn't bounce, jerk or even twitch between gears, it is just bang bang bang....I actually like it, but NO, I will always drive manual :roflmao:

I will give the Seat the same love today, and get this on par, then I can send them both out for testing again. Will try and put a little vid together later today, just so you can see it visually, instead of you thinking I am just typing this, sipping cocktails on a beach somewhere.
The Ginetta - Have had all sorted of problems trying to get the LODS working, without breaking the Shaders, and well you know the story already, so I might just have to give up on this. But as you might have seen above, I have done the following:

So I might try and get this out tonight / tomorrow. No point in holding on it any longer :D
Well that's my update for now. Thanks again for all your support


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Seat Leon Cup V3.0


This is the mod, originally by Tamas Pongracz (Tommy78) that was scratch made. This mod fell by the wayside, and Tamas gave me full permission to work on this and bring it up to date.
I have called it V3.0 as Tamas got up to V1.3, which is still available to download on here so I thought I would start at a new number. This still contains all the features that Tamas put in this fantastic Mod, plus updated:

Well here it is....the updated version of the Seat Leon EuroCup.
There is a couple of things you need to bear in mind.

1) In this download there is a Fonts folder, please copy the contents of the Fonts folder in our Assetto Corsa fonts Folder (AssettoCorsa/Content/Fonts) otherwise your dashboard will be blank
2) There is some modelling issues that need to be addressed, but they don't effect the handling of the car, so that is why I thought I would release it now, and get all your feedback.

To do list is.....
Brake Glow (as car is using old shaders)
Driver Position (feet is through the pedals)
Updated Dashboard
Other small textures



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Download Seat Leon Cup v3.2

Firstly really sorry about this, but here is V3.2. There was a couple of issues that I didn't spot but you all did that really needed fixing. Once these issues was resolved, me being me, I spotted a couple of others, so here is the full fix list.

Again, I would recommend you delete and install fresh to make sure you have everything.
Fixed the Glass issue (Left Door)
Brake Glow fixed
Improved Glow Texture
Improved Tyre Textures
New Brake Textures
Decreased Brake Pressure slightly, as was to easy to lock up.
Slight Performance increase on the Turbo and Waste Gate (wrong value)
Decreased FFB ever so slightly (as was clipping) and I wasn't happy about it :D
Fixed "Pink" rear lights - wrong value. Thanks to @After_Midnight for spotting

And yes, I have listened to you all and I have never done this, but I have used the Audi TT sfx from Kunos (hope they don't mind) as like people have said, it just fits so damn well and how it sounds IRL, it really brings the car to life. The only thing I have done is remove the turbo flutter as they don't sound like that. :unsure:

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