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Simvibe, Simcommander 4, Simexperience. HELP?


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I cant get my simvibe setup to work!

My stuff:
Harman kardon avr 255 – Hdmi gtx 1070 grafic card - 5.1 sound system.
Yamaha htr 6130 – 3.5 rca from green output – Sinustec BS250
and Sinus Live BassPump III 4ohm.
Sim commander 4 and simvibe software.
Realtek motherboard soundcard.

The problem is that i have sound and vibbes out to all speakers, whene i test it from simcommander and from sound card settings.
But no vibbes from shackers in the games, have tried Assetto corsa, Dirt rally, Project cars. Have tried different speaker chanels, and have tried optical and coaxial cable to. But now i using the analog green output with 3.5 rca cable.
And have speakers to front right and left chanels. And dashboard is empy to, shouldent it be text there? Have tried extensions and chassis.
I have Quadrophonic config.
No error whene loading games from simcom.

I even tried to change to my 5.1 system, to see if vibbes come out there, that reciver have hdmi by graficcard as standard, but i change to 3.5 rca cabel and realtec analog soundcard outputs,  same thing there, no sound at all. Only on test.
I dont understand what is wrong, have checkt setup videos and i think i have done everything right.


3 different cables.

2 Recievers.

2 Soundcards.

Shall it really go to use 2 soundcards att the same time? I think that is the problem. I cant like play music from 2 att the same time, can only have 1 att default sound output.. But shackers shall work? Strange.


And have tried

On the +new tabb, from scratch, tele, n drive, ore auto discover? My games dont sync with simvibe, no settings to change in games? no files to use?
I cant update, i dont have access to owners club, some mailfuntion, having contact with devs, trying to fix it. But should work anyway i think!
I only have text files in n drive folder, game folders.
And only have 6 maps in plugin folder?
Pictures of install: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B250wYvnLcV-ZVlvOFR4Nm5ibU0
Thanks for helping me find what is wrong!

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