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[AC] ProTyres (info dettagliate sulle gomme)


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proTyres gives you all the feedback you need about the tyres in one compact app, it’s only about the tyres, nothing else!
Inspired by the AC app Tyres and the work and concept of the brilliant apps like Sidekick (by Topuz) and Tire PSI helper (by sacredaardvark). All pressures, temperatures and wear behavior are read from AC car data including curve files, for every car and each compound. Open source and mod cars is supported as well, please see text file in archive for details.
Color coding for temperature and pressures are close to AC standards. It’s all automatic, no user input needed.

So what could I expect and don’t expect?
How it looks after a bit of driving in standard configuration and a short overview of the main layout:


So how does it differ from AC Tyres?
Let’s see these two examples where proTyres and Tyres is compared side by side, using similar scale size:
(each part of the tyre is visualized, dirty level bar is visible in the
wear bar as an transparent overlay, see pic below)

The python interface do not provide the instant contact temperature, so instead each part of the tyre gets its own box together with average in the center box. Visual representation of “flat spots” is not possible at the moment.
The thermal average is the shown value in main app (75% core + 25% average ring temperature). Colors of the boxes correspond to temperature grip level of the current compound, blue to red equals to 98-100-98% optimal grip.
Temp range indicator overlay shown in IMO boxes, this bar indicate where the current ring average is within the working range of the compound.

Pressure and wear indicators and settings
Pressure and wear is also visualized with two separate bars for each tyre.

Difference from optimal pressure is shown under actual pressure. Two horizontal lines shows when actual pressure is approximate within 2 psi from its target.
Colors of the wear bar is the same as Tyres with one difference regarding what the height of the bar actually represent:
- In Tyres -> height of the bar is virtual KM
- proTyres -> height of the bar is wear in 3 levels from none to high (green, yellow and red corresponding to levels 100, 98 and 96% )

Virtual KM is how far the tyre has traveled and could be more or less than actual distance depending on compound and driving style, this value is at the moment not available in the python interface.
Top right picture above shows the compact pressure label display mode.
For each compound there is possible to set an front and rear pressure offset from the ideal pressure that is saved with the current track temperature index as reference. White, red and blue color of the spinner text reflects the value compared to saved reference value (if any).See ini description for possible options.
One thing to remember is that all temperatures and pressures are target values on track, when leaving pit values may be incorrect.

Tyre slip during braking
During braking there is an three level indicator of how much each tyre is slipping indicated by a color box (yellow/orange/red). The behavior of the red indicator is very similar to AC damage red tyre indicator:


However, you will notice that it will also indicate when slipping on curbs, gravel and other surfaces as well, so red do not always mean you have damaged the tyre.
There is three different sensitivity levels (High/Medium/Low) that are set as default for Practice, Qualify and Race sessions. It can also be switch of completely, see description of INI settings for options. The indicator switch off can be either delayed (default, similar to AC) or without any delay (Direct).

This EOL level thing, what is that?
The app estimate the distance possible with decent grip levels on your current tyre set, it adapts to track conditions and driving style. The information is not directly available from AC, so it is an estimated end of life based on wear curve and other parameters.
Lets look a bit more in detail on the EOL level bar


For each track and tyre condition, the app needs to adapt to the wear rate and it starts when wear levels drops below 100%. This is then saved on car basis to be reused whenever the compound is used under similar conditions.

This is of great value, but I need more!

Press the info button for more details on the estimated values.

When in pit, an PitBoard is shown with information about the current tyre compound, when entering pitlane on an used set, laps to go is shown instead. It also shows an heads up regarding EOL calibrations.

PitBoard sign behavior can be setup thru INI setting and is session based as well.

This is to much information, less is more!
Sometimes you need to focus on driving and not the app, the default display mode "Extend" can be replaced with the following ones:


You can toggle thru the modes using the green "Display Mode Button". With INI setting you can skip certain modes and/or set different default display modes for practice, qualify and race session. See INI options below for even more customization.

What about the options?
To create a default configuration delete existing ini and start the app, edit the config.ini and change the options to your personal liking:

After start of session, press home to show console and you will get an conflict error message if combination not possible.
Example on different layouts:

There is an debug window available and a short notice in the console after loading compound data (press home key), here is also error messages displayed (if any). Messages are also saved in py_log.txt


To install
Unpack all files into your Assetta Corsa main folder (keep the structure in the zip).
(i.e ..\Steam\SteamApps\common\assettocorsa)


Example of extra PitBoard tyre wear info
Please see Overview tab on how to active this function, default is off

- support for different front/rear wear curves, only a very few cars and specific compounds have this
- background pictures supplied in different base scales for improved visuals when scaling the app
- fix for some track/pitbox combinations resulting in 1 extra lap count for 2nd and further tyre changes
- fix for some compounds missing data for high wear in lut file messing up EOL display
- fix for pitboard sometimes not updated if compound was changed during pitstop
- changed default brake slip sensitive for "Practice, Qualify, Race" to "High, High, Medium", will not affect existing setups
- minor visual fix for high grip marker in eol bar affecting a few cars
- minor code tweaks
- INI description updated and description of error codes added
No INI files in the archive so no personal settings are overwritten.




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Potreste, per cortesia, indicarmi come si fa a inserire l'applicazione all'interno del gioco? Quale percorso seguire?

Io ho incollato seguendo questo percorso ma in game non mi appare alcunché.......



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Se non l'attivi nel gioco non la vedrai, prima devi andare in impostazioni, generali è attivarla da li cone per tutte le altre apps

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Ragazzi ma questa app è attendibile? I valori che fornisce sono esatti? Sto provando la sf15t e mi dice di portare la pressione a 5 psi, quando di default è a 17psi ed è risaputo che le f1 adoperano intorno ai 23 22 psi. Secondo voi è corretto?

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- fix for zero range optimal temp used by some mod cars (currently known Race Sim Studio)
optimal temp range now expands around single entry according to lut file (example, for RSS this means +/- 0.2% grip)
(fixes ERROR division by zero)
- added more track condition info when modifying pressure offsets
- added config_readme.txt with description of all INI parameters

Existing users info, INI file is included, so rename your existing file or delete in archive before extraction (no changes done)

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