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AC Porsche Pack Vol.1-2-3


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Just in case you were looking for a new wallpaper. Porsche 718 RS, ingame 3D model, before you ask.

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confermate Panamera, Cayenne e Macan come vetture bonus



The Cayenne is Porsche’s flagship SUV, and will arrive in AC very soon. Image source: Porsche North America

Earlier this year, we reported that Assetto Corsa on PC and console would be seeing Porsche enter the car roster through DLC. Although the majority of the 24 vehicles being added will be premium DLC at a cost, three of the German manufacturer’s finest will be playable for free as confirmed by Kunos’ Marco Massarutto on Twitter:

The three cars in question occupy the SUV and sports saloon space and will provide a good bit of variation on the currently performance-heavy roster of Assetto Corsa. Combined with the recent Maserati Levante reveal, it shows an ambition to highlight the title’s physics on cars that haven’t been built to dominate on the race track. For the three Porsches, it will be the 2016 models’ digital debuts.


The newcomer has built up a good reputation already in the luxury SUV space. Image source: Porsche North America

The release window for the DLC has been called into question recently with the initial September release looking increasingly unlikely and a recent Facebook post from Marco specifying the cars will drop in October instead. Regardless, it seems the expansion is on the horizon — including the three ‘bonus’ vehicles players can download for no cost.

In regard to what should be expected from these cars, the Cayenne is the staple in Porsche’s SUV line-up and has been around for more than a decade. Although the Macan has been cited as being a bit more fun to drive, the Cayenne is still very relevant thanks to its history. The Panamera’s unique styling makes it a ‘love or hate’ model for Porsche and has its detractors alongside its fans. It’ll make a good addition in AC given the lack of super-sedan competition it currently has in the car list.

Curiously, Marco specifically mentioned all three cars were the 2016 editions, while an earlier teaser showed the 2017 model year Panamera. Could two versions of the Porsche limo therefore be joining the lineup? We shall see.


The Panamera is huge. Image source: Porsche North America


fonte GT Planet

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Massarutto su Facebook
Imagine you get into a mall to buy a pair of Lee jeans, and when you go for the check out, the guy at desk tells you "I'm glad to tell you that, since you have purchased this product, you will get this t-shirt for free, offered by Lee".
What do you will answer? Some options:
- I didn't ask for it, just give me my jeans
- I don't like this t-shirt, I'm not going to wear it
- What are you trying to do? To fill my closet with useless stuff?!
- I've a t-shirt already, I don't need this so-called gift
- Let's do this: give me the jeans for free and keep the t-shirt for you
- If I was interested to a t-shirt, I would have purchased it
- What a waste of time and money, tell Lee to give me a 100$ jacket for free instead
- I'm here for the jeans and you give me a free t-shirt? Shame on you 
- So, now Lee gives stuff for free to let me have a taste of it? Shame on them

Sounds weird? Not to some simracers. Sad, but true.
So, about Porsche: few people complain because Assetto Corsa will release - for free, and even if you just own the game but you don't purchase any Porsche DLC - the new Panamera, Cayenne and Macan. Saying the things you can read above. As part of our agreement with Porsche, the Brand asked us to reproduce, for THEIR simulators, ALSO the models included in their current production. For THEIR purposes. Once we worked for months to reproduce those models with the maximum accuracy for Porsche simulators, we believed it would have been a shame do not allow the AC community to enjoy those cars as well. Without charging them. And that's it. Also because we take in consideration that the AC community is so wide today that different people like different cars, something that some blind gamers still don't understand, or accept. On the other side, this kind of agreement allows us to reproduce and make available for Assetto Corsa cars like the one you see in the picture.
So, today lot of people tell me that they want so badly in Assetto Corsa the Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio Verde . If to get it in the game we would be asked to include also the next Stelvio SUV as free bonus content, would you complain for it? If yes, probably you would need to turn off your PC or console, open the door, leave the house, close your eyes and take a breath; and relax. Because it looks to me that you are not able anymore to enjoy what is supposed to be your passion. BTW, driving the new PanameraTurbo at the Nordschleife in 7'.39" is a blast, and it is not for everyone. Stay tuned. And take it easy, enjoy your life, you live once. ;)


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Sapete dirmi che corona monta nella quarta foto di twitter? pensavo fosse un omp superquadro ma non ci si avvicina nemmeno...

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Da sinistra a destra dovrebbero essere:
Porsche 935/78 “Moby Dick”
Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport
Porsche 918 Spyder
Porsche 911 Carerra RSR 3.0
Porsche 917/30



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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew

Marco Massarutto della Kunos annuncia questa mattina tramite Facebook alcuni dettagli riguardanti l'atteso Porsche Pack volume 1 per Assetto Corsa: il DLC sarà disponibile tramite Steam dal 25 ottobre, mentre gli utenti consoles dovranno pazientare qualche altro giorno, in attesa dell'ok da parte di Sony e Microsoft. Gli utenti Steam avranno a disposizione anche un Season Pass, che al costo di 15 euro includerà tutti i Pack targati Porsche! Le vetture incluse nel Vol.1 saranno: 911 Carrera S, 935 Moby Dick, 918 Spyder, Cayman GT4 Clubsport, 718 Cayman S, 917/30, 911 Carrera RSR 3.0 1974, inoltre come contenuti gratuiti avremo la pista di Silverstone 1960 e la Porsche Panamera G2.


Just some quick note for our AC fans, before the official announcement: the Porsche Pack Volume 1 will be released on Steam on October 25th, and on PS4 and XB1 as soon as Sony and Microsoft approve the new build, since the approval process on console is not under our control. I'm glad to confirm that Steam approved our request to provide a Season Pass for the Porsche DLCs, that should be available by next week. The Season Pass will cost 15 Eur and it will allow to get all the 3 Porsche DLCs through a unique purchase, saving 28% of the full price. Each DLC will include 7 Porsche models, and will be available at the price of 6,99 Eur on PC, PS4 and XB1. About the list of cars included in the Porsche program, stay tuned. The cars included in the Vol.1: 911 Carrera S, 935 Moby Dick, 918 Spyder, Cayman GT4 Clubsport, 718 Cayman S, 917/30, 911 Carrera RSR 3.0 1974, to provide a perfect mix between road, racing and historic cars. As bonus free content available in the next update of Assetto Corsa, we'll release Silverstone 60's and the new Porsche Panamera G2.


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