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McLaren: dalla F1 alla P1


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With feelers in industries ranging from oil and gas through healthcare, pharmaceuticals, aviation, and financial services, McLaren—or, rather, as it was rebranded in 2015, the McLaren Technology Group—is a multi-dimensional company that has long-since expanded from its core business of motor-racing.
McLaren Automotive is the arm that builds road cars. The fastest road cars on earth. Supercars. Hypercars. There are 10 current models available, with the 1,648 units built in 2014 exported to 30 countries. Five of its most important models to date are available for your edification in Project CARS. Feel free to take one to the ’Ring and push it to its limits. Or all. Including the race-spec P1 GT3. Given you’ll be doing 200kmh in six seconds in the mighty P1, just be careful not to run out of talent. Safety, though, is a key feature of any McLaren; it is in-built into the DNA of the company, all the way back to the very start of the company. 


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