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[rF2] GP3 Series 2016-2017-2018 by Slow Motion Group


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Il team Slow Motion ha finalmente rilasciato per rFactor 2 l'attesa nuova versione aggiornata 2.15 del suo GP3 Series 2016-2018 mod, progetto completo che ci permette di simulare le ultime tre stagioni dell'appassionante e combattuto campionato FIA GP3. La nuova release offre una migliore grafica, ora compatibile con i nuovi standard di rFactor 2, compresa la pioggia, e tantissime altre migliorie anche ai 3D ed alla fisica.

GP3 SERIES 2016/2017/2018 build 2.15
This is mainly a graphical upgrade for all 2018 cars and drivers, also due to the new entries of this season. Excluding new updates for technical reasons, this is the last upgrade of ever for the GP3 Series, because IRL this is the last season of the GP3 Series that will be merged with the Formula 3 for the next years.
This is the opportunity to thank all the mates that, since years ago, participated to the development of the mod that covers 3 years of life (also our life, LOL) and the community that always supported our belowed free hobby.

Steam version is available with the templates too: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=939773105

Here few links to the mod for manual downloading:
- https://mega.nz/#!Gwwk0YjA!AryC6_mV3NMGFrWlc2eC3ZfTVgVu8wo6JYENxuQtjvg
- https://www.amazon.com/clouddrive/share/3pgz8LFTieOwPlku6IFhgO3PynRAIbu6TdGnyBZ0pBc


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Thank you for the interest in this mod!

I'd like to explain a little the "history" of the project... in the 2015 Markus "haunetal1990" started modeling the incoming 2016 car; he also modeled the 3d of the current available mod of the GP3 2015 for rFactor1. I met him several months ago starting with the idea of converting the GP3 2015 to rFactor2, but when I discovered the beautiful 2016 model he was producing I thought to a bigger project, rarely done for a simulator: why don't try to get real data by Dallara, Pirelli, etc... and the collaboration of GP3 team(s) with the real data of the 3d model too? Similar to the Palatov D4 project I led last year...


There are several persons that are collaborating to the project and without them there isn't this project: Markus "haunetal1990" for the modeling, Chris "redapg" mainly for the physics at the deepest level I ever seen, exISI now S397 engineers for a lot of things, several artists of the painter team, the guys of the internal test team at S397, the engineer that leads one of the GP3 teams, few official drivers of the GP3 teams and I, that lead the "Slow Motion Group".

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