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KartKraft: intervista di RaceDepartment


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Il sito di RaceDepartment ha pubblicato a questo link una interessante intervista fatta a Zach Griffin di Black Delta, il neonato studio al lavoro sullo sviluppo di KartSim, nuovo titolo dedicato al mondo del karting. Zach ha confermato a più riprese che il gioco, nato nel lontano 2007 come KartSim, è assolutamente un simulatore di guida puro. Non mancano alcuni screenshots inediti e spettacolari.


RD: What sort of simulation are you aiming for here, are we looking at a faithful recreation of kart racing in a hardcore simulation style or maybe something more entry level and “simcade” orientated.
ZG: We’ve been getting this question quite a lot lately and let me assure you, KartKraft is a pure bred karting simulation. To explain what that actually means, a physics simulation at its core (in this explanation, an internal combustion engine revving by itself), is a set of parametric inputs (RPM, moment of inertia, torque vs RPM, throttle position etc), a set of equations called the model (angular acceleration = torque / moment of inertia, angular velocity = current angular velocity + angular acceleration * time) and a set of outputs (angular velocity / engine RPM). So essentially, you take the inputs, plug them into the equations, integrate them, and now you have the resulting angular velocity/RPM and torque output. Changing the amount of torque will change how fast the engine revs, as will the moment of inertia. The physics engine is made up of multiple models (engine, tyres, gearbox, suspension, aero etc) that all communicate with each other to simulate the complete vehicle.

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