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Live for Speed versione 0.6K


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Decisamente a sorpresa, dopo un lungo silenzio, a quanto pare come un bel regalo natalizio, è stata rilasciata una nuova versione aggiornata dell'ottimo Live for Speed. La release 0.6K ci offre il nuovo circuito inglese di Rockingham, sia in configurazione ovale che stradale, varie migliorie grafiche ed il supporto al visore HTC Vive (oltre al già presente Oculus Rift). Qui di seguito tutti i dettagli e i download.


We are pleased to announce a new version of Live for Speed, 0.6K, which contains the Rockingham race track. Located in Corby, England, Rockingham is an oval track with many infield configurations. Thanks to the owners, we were allowed to hire APR Services to laser scan the real track area in 2008. It has been a long time coming but we are sure you will like the result!
Version 0.6K also has graphical improvements including new reflections and dynamic environment maps, AI improvements, support for the HTC Vive VR headset (in addition to the Oculus Rift) and fixes.

You will need an S3 license to unlock the Rockingham track. S3 licenses are now available on our website. If you already have S1 or S2, the price of your existing license will be deducted from the full price of S3. Further S3 content is in development but currently Rockingham is the only S3 content available. We made the decision to release it now rather than waiting for the other content to be completed. Although S3 content is already being developed, we cannot provide a guarantee that it will be released. Please only buy an S3 license upgrade if you feel it's worth it to use Rockingham right now. We will be continuing to work on S3 after Christmas!

Three ways to get Version 0.6K :

1) AUTO UPDATER - If you already have version 0.5V or later :
- Click on "Multiplayer" then "List of Hosts" in LFS and choose a download mirror.

2) MANUAL PATCH (144 MB) - If you already have version 0.6H or later :
- Click HERE and save the patch installer.
- You can run the patch installer from its download location or from your LFS folder.

3) FULL VERSION (409 MB) - If you are new to LFS or making a fresh installation.
- Click HERE to visit the download page and get the full version installer.
- LFS Developers

Changes from 0.6J to 0.6K :

New Track :
Rockingham race track is now included - S3 license required

AI :
Now avoid ramming other cars when in the pit lane or lap of honour
Max drivers in single player increased to 24 (online max still 40)

Graphics :
New reflections system and shaders for cars and buildings
Nearby objects are visible in new dynamic reflections on cars
Option to set number of dynamic reflections in main view and mirror
Misc option to enable a programmable post-processing shader


Misc :
New command /rsh to reload shaders (e.g. after editing externally)
Maximum number of controllers increased to 10 (was previously 8)

VR :
HTC Vive headset is now supported through OpenVR
Oculus Rift support now requires runtime 0.7 or later
Improved dialog sequence after any error entering VR mode

Training lesson editor :
SHIFT+T on main entry screen to access lesson editor or list editor
Layouts for lessons must be copied from layout to training folder
SHIFT+T on training screen to view and test newly added lessons

Fixes :
Improved validity check when loading car colour settings
Alpha sorting issue on bricks at base of a South City building
AI could go wrong when entering BL pit lane for a pit stop
AI driver names can no longer be blank

TIPS on using Live for Speed with a VR headset :

NOTE : For Oculus, Runtime 0.7 (or later) is required
1) How to enter VR mode in LFS :
- Start LFS and click 3D on the View Options Screen
- Select VR headset and click OK

2) To reset your seating position, the text command /rift reset is assigned by default to the F8 key.
- When a new driver takes over, ask them to look straight ahead then press F8
- Key assignments can be edited in Options - Game - F1 to F8

3) Accessing your desktop while LFS is in VR mode.
- You will find that your mouse cursor is confined to the LFS window
- Press CTRL+C to free the mouse and now the mouse can go onto the desktop

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ma esistono i danni nel gioco? Nella versione free non mi sembra ci siano, nella versione completa?

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Cosa ne pensate di LFS? Oggi lo sto provando e sinceramente mi piace, ma non capisco quanto puo' essere longevo.

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Cosa ne pensate di LFS? Oggi lo sto provando e sinceramente mi piace, ma non capisco quanto puo' essere longevo.


Con questa domanda, sei in ritardo di almeno 10 anni.

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Cosa ne pensate di LFS? Oggi lo sto provando e sinceramente mi piace, ma non capisco quanto puo' essere longevo.


Con questa domanda, sei in ritardo di almeno 10 anni.

Ohh la scirocco nn è più uscita eh..e ora un circuito in laserscan x 12 sterline
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e ora un circuito in laserscan x 12 sterline

Sui denti gliele do! :laugh:

Peccato, poteva essere un bel sim, avessero continuato a svilupparlo...ma sul serio, non come hanno fatto.

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Eh nemmeno io...si avrebbe potuto essere bello, alcune belle caratteristiche, gli scrip, la personalizzazione dei tracciati per farne una gimcana, le gare di accelerazione...ma per anni non hanno fatto nulla, l ffb è sempre il solito, cioe quasi nullo...dovevano rifare tutti i cruscotti invece c è ancora una bella differenza fra xf e la porsche fake per esempio...l unica curiosita sarebbe sentire l ffb su un circuito laserscan...ma 12 sterline per questa curiositá, in cui non credo nemmeno piu di tanto, non glieli dò

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Bah, visti i video che ogni tanto pubblica Velo, l ho reinstallato e...devo dire che mi sto divertendo nonostante abbia tutti i sim moderni. Qualche update ogni tanto c é, blackwood ha avuto un bel remake per esempio, con una zona industriale dove potersi fare i propri layout o modificare quelli scaricati...

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