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Notizie e screens per KartKraft


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Dopo un lungo periodo di silenzio, arrivano finalmente nuove informazioni ed alcune immagini inedite riguardanti il nuovo ed atteso KartKraft (che prima si chiamava Kartsim). Il lancio del gioco è stato posticipato al primo quadrimestre del 2016, per poter implementare nuovi contenuti e features, ma è già in preparazione la fase di accesso anticipato tramite Steam, anche se non è chiaro quando sarà disponibile.


After rushing back to Australia from our incredible reception at Gamescom 2015, we’ve been deep in the trenches preparing for KartKraft’s Early Access release. There’s been a huge demand for new content and screenshots from the game, as well as an influx of emails, tweets and comments of your suggestions and game ideas. We’ve listened, added them to our feature request list, and have already begun incorporating some of those ideas into the game.

It has also been very clear that we need to increase the frequency of posting new content and improve our communication with you. Balancing an increasingly demanding development schedule alongside running the studio, has highlighted the need for us to add someone dedicated to being your eyes and ears inside the studio. Having led the Gran Turismo community, as well as several other AAA titles, he’s here to make sure you’re kept completely up to date. No more radio silence, guaranteed!

And now a quick update on KartKraft; after the feedback from our weekly testing sessions at Black Delta HQ with local gamers and kart drivers, we’ve decided to extend the launch of the game to Q1 next year to add additional features, improvements and optimisations to the game, which we’ll detail in an upcoming blog post. In the next week we’ll be releasing KartKraft’s first teaser trailer since the switch to Unreal Engine 4. With exclusive in game footage, new tracks and features, it leaves the Greenlight trailer in the dust!

Finally, we’ve got 5 brand new unedited in-game screenshots taken in KartKraft, showing the official 2015 Praga Karts™ Dragon Evo with the 22hp IAME™/ Remo Racing™ KA100 motor lapping the laser scannedGeelong Karting Club circuit in Melbourne, Australia.

Thank you again for all your patience, and stay tuned for the teaser trailer! You can also stay in touch via Steam, Twitter and Facebook, or feel free to drop us a line at


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While the teaser trailer goes through its final review, here's an in-game unedited screenshot captured from our Friday afternoon, inter-office race in the IAME KA100 powered, 2015 Praga Dragons. 



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