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Trackday Manager by Arctic Hazard Game Studio


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Il neonato team Arctic Hazard Game Studio ha presentato ufficialmente all'E3 il suo nuovo Trackday Manager, divertente simulatore esclusivamente manageriale dedicato al mondo delle corse. Il gioco è già disponibile in accesso anticipato tramite Steam (a 19,99€), e offre persino condizioni meteo dinamiche e gare in notturna.
sito web http://www.trackdaymanager.com/
acquista su Steam http://store.steampowered.com/app/348030/
preview by M.it http://multiplayer.it/articoli/151246-trackday-manager-giri-su-di-giri.html
Trackday Manager allows you to take control and own your own racecar team, competing in the Streetcar division. Your team consists of one driver and a full crew to help you out. Trackday Manager lets you control your team economy, develop your crew, sign sponsors, buy cars, upgrade cars, customize patterns and colors and place sponsors, among other things. But the main focus of the game is on the Trackday, when you take your car and team to the racetrack to compete against other players. When racing you DO NOT control your car as in normal driving games, but as a team chief you issue orders to your driver.

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