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I wanna setup the WE of Imola. But when I do there is not all cars in the grid and some are double etc. How could I setup that!? Someone says in the files there have to be changes made!?

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i've got some problems with Windows 10 with this mod.

When i load any car on any circuit always the game fall down back to windows.I had it before on windows 8.1 and worked perfectly.

There's incompatibility of this mod with windows 10?



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Could you upload the mod freely, without having to "request access"? Because (without disrespecting you and I do not mean only you) it seems foolish to ask for an access or permission to download something. I have searched for this mod for a long time, and now that I find it, you ask that you "request an access" ?. With all due respect, upload it freely without any restrictions. Thanks and regards.

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Sorry all, found the HDC's in Physics folder, however, the game still keeps crashing. Graphics are OK 

but when going into race, it loads partway then crashes. Any thoughs/solutions.


Cheers & Beers 


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  • 7 months later...


I love this mod.  Hit a bit weird issue - side mirrors are gray if I enter Championship, say Interlagos 94.   Mirrors work if I enter as Race weekend.  Any ideas why?


Edit: reducing Opponent Details to 2 solved it.

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