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Il DRM Modding Team ha pubblicato tramite BSimracing una nuova serie di immagini rendering 3D delle vetture protagoniste, su Assetto Corsa, dell'attesissimo DRM Revival Mod che tanto successo ha avuto nella sua versione per rFactor. Potremo quindi apprezzare nel simulatore Kunos il campionato Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft degli anni 70' - 80', con le mitiche vetture gruppo 5, come Porsche 935, Ford Zakspeed Capri, BMW 2002 Turbo... Vi ricordiamo che il medesimo mod per rFactor 2 è stato invece annullato.

Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft (translated as German Racing Championship) or simply DRM as it was known, was a touring car and Sportscar racing series. It is regarded as a predecessor of the current DTM as Germany's top national series. The DRM began in 1972 as a Group 2 touring car and Group 4 GT racing series for cars like (BMW 2002) and (BMW Coupé), in addition to the Deutsche Rundstrecken-Meisterschaft (de) (German circuit racing saloon car championship). In these years, the same or similar cars were also entered in the European Touring Car Championship. Races were run separately as big Division 1 (for 2 to 4 liter) and small Division 2 (under 2 liter) in a sprint format.

In 1977, Group 5 cars were admitted into the series, making the series better supported with Gr.5 cars than the World Championship of Makes they were intended for. These fast and spectacular turbocharged cars with wide fenders and wings had many fans. Especially the Porsche 935 outpowered F1 cars. During common testing sessions at Circuit Paul Ricard, 935 passed them on the long Mistral straight. In 1979, the Rennsport Trophäe (Racing Trophy) was introduced for the cheaper original series protagonists, the Group 2 and 4 cars. It consisted of combined races with the DRM until 1981.

In 1982, following the FIA rule changes, new Group C sportscars (along with existing Group 6) replaced the Group 5 machinery at the renamed International Deutsche Rennsport Meisterschaft. Meanwhile, the Rennsport Trophäe held separate races and events in 1982 and 1983, except for the 1982 ADAC Eifelrennen at the Nürburgring Nordschleife. In 1984, with just three races held, organisers used three WEC (World Endurance Championship) races as additional IDRM point races. Also, the Rennsport Trophäe was replaced by the Deutsche Tourenwagen Meisterschaft, run with Group A cars.

1985 was the final year of the now called DSM (Deutsche Sportwagen Meisterschaft), with just one race was held at Norisring, the rest of them held in conjunction with the popular Interserie. This meant CanAm entered from the latter series, as it had always been, had to be counted for points. The series would be replaced by the Group C-only Supercup in 1986. At that time, the less expensive DTM had taken over as Germany's most important racing series. Since 2005 the AvD the AvD organizes a "Revival Deutsche Rennsportmeisterschaft" race at his great "Oldtimer Grand Prix".


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intervista (in inglese) al team DRM qui http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/drm-modding-team-interview.134798/

RD: You must find it difficult to find any significant source data for cars this old, how much real world data have you used for the mod, and what sort of difficulty have you experienced finding out the information you need?
DRM: It was and is horrible. You can´t always trust the found data.
Very often the cars where heavily modified from race to race, the progress was often extreme.
We have focussed on the base solid data we received like weight, engine performance, tire width and height, wheelbase, overall measurements of the cars, Chassis layout and geometry etc.

RD: In terms of the mod itself, which cars can players expect to have access to once it is released, and will the real world liveries and drivers be represented in the mod?
DRM: the players can expect the following cars with real liveries from the Deutschen Rennpsort Meisterschaft, Langstrecken Weltmeisterschaft and the IMSA series.

  • Kremer K1
  • Kremer K3
  • Schnitzer 320 Turbo
  • Schnitzer 2002 Turbo
  • Schnitzer M1 Turbo
  • Schnitzer Celica LB Turbo
  • Beta Montecarlo Turbo
  • Zakspeed Capri Turbo
  • Zakspeed Escort Turbo
  • Carma 308 Turbo

RD: Do you expect the cars will benefit from the latest tyre model (TM 10) and also have brake temperature implemented?
DRM: All cars will come with tire model V10.
The brake temps are not implemented at this stage because the influence on the physics and the control of the temperatures through the setup is not yet given.
If Kunos implements this feature well in our opinion , than we bring it in the mod aswell.










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Ottimo, sono curioso di provarlo. Aspettiamo l'uscita :up:

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