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Pit lane penalty app (per il taglio pista)


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Here is an app that gives you up to 3 warnings if you cut the track, and then on the 4th infringement, issues a drive through pit lane penalty, which is then cleared when you drive through pit lane.

Now of course this is not enforced server-side, but it might be useful for a league if everyone uses the app. It can only rely on the driver's honesty. The app does have a chat-based mechanism in it, so that everyone on the server is told within the app when someone has received a drive through penalty, as well as when they've taken it, so it sort of uses a "name and shame" approach to making sure someone actually takes their penalty. The chat output that the game issues also appears in the server output, so an admin can check whether everyone who was issued a penalty has actually taken it.

Cutting rules
Track cutting is defined as 3 or more wheels out of the track, using the AC cut detection. You don't have to have penalties enabled for this to work.

Only cuts over 50 kph are registered.
If you are off-track for more than 1.3 seconds, or slow down to less than 90% of your track exit speed at any time while off-track before re-entering, a cut won't be registered. This is to stop accidents from registering as cuts. The app does detect high speed cuts that last longer than 1.3 seconds, where you don't slow down, as well.

If you go off-track, it only counts as 1 cut, no matter how long you're off-track for.

You have 3 laps to take your drive through penalty in.

Configuration settings are in PLP.ini, in the apps\python\PitLanePenalty folder. You can customise various settings by editing that file. For leagues, an admin can distribute the PLP.ini file to all drivers if he has customised any rules, so that all drivers work under the same rules. A summary of these settings is output to the server log (via chat) so that an admin can check that everyone is using the same rules, if he wishes. An example of this chat line is:

PLP: running version 0.3,3-50-3-False-1.3-0.9-3​

There is a setting in PLP.ini so that you can turn off pit lane drive through penalties, and only have warnings issued (and written to the server log). This allows an admin to issue other track cutting penalties after the race by checking the server log.

Invisible Mode
To make the app window have no title or border, and be transparent, edit PLP.ini to set INVISIBLE_MODE=1.

Server log
Messages are written to the server log, prefixed by "PLP", for admin checking, whenever:

  • A driver cuts the track (including the lap number)
  • A driver is given a drive through penalty
  • A driver has taken a drive through penalty
  • A driver has ignored a drive through penalty

Pit lane penalty rules
You can't take your penalty while taking a normal pit stop. In other words, you cannot stop while taking your penalty. If you do, you won't clear the pit lane penalty, and you'll have to do it again.

If you don't take your penalty within 3 laps, the app sends a chat message and logs it to the server log for action by the admin.

V0.9, 15 Jan2015

  • If you slow down to less than 90% of your exit speed while you're off track, it won't be counted as a cut no matter how fast you re-join the track. This gets rid of some cut warnings that shouldn't have been penalised because you slowed down enough while off track.

V0.8a, 4 Jan2015

  • Outputs a chat message to the server log if the app is deselected on the app bar or activated from the app bar

V0.8, 11 Dec 2014

  • Resets warnings if a race session is restarted.
  • Added invisible mode (no app title or border, transparent). Edit "steamapps\common\assettocorsa\apps\python\PitLanePenalty\PLP.ini" to set INVISIBLE_MODE=1.

V0.7, 2 Dec 2014

  • Now detects high speed cuts that may take longer than 1.3 seconds (e.g. at Spa's Eau Rouge). If you leave the track at over 60% (configurable) of the car's top speed and don't slow down before re-entering the track, a cut is registered.

V0.6, 30 Nov 2014

  • Display player's name in the chat lines in the server logs, in case AC doesn't do it.

V0.5, 26 Nov 2014

  • The final warning blinks for 30 seconds.
  • The Drive Through Penalty warning blinks all the time.

V0.4, 23 Nov 2014

  • Added number of laps that a penalty must be taken within.

V0.3, 21 Nov 2014

  • Made window smaller.
  • Added an icon.
  • Log more info to server log
  • Only detect cuts in practice, qualifying and race modes.
  • Moved config settings to PLP.ini file.

V0.2, 17 Nov 2014

  • A cut now has to be 1.3 seconds or less in duration, and the track re-entry speed has to be 90% or more of the exit speed. This eliminates spins and accidents, and only counts legitimate cuts (mostly).
  • Only issues penalties in a race session; warnings only in other sessions.




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Qualcuno di voi l'ha testata a fondo? Ci si può fidare di questa applicazione?

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