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Kart Racing Pro beta 12B


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DOWNLOAD -> http://www.drivingitalia.net/forum/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=3451


To unlock the full version and to support development purchase a license.

Kart Racing Pro beta12 released.
fix: autoshift
fix: setup share
fix: default paint
fix: trackside cameras surface
fix: free-roam camera start position
fix: "open" category crash
fix: direct connection
fix: lighting
fix: track animations
fix: improved chassis flex simulation
fix: url spaces
fix: classification
fix: heading speed
new: server info in browser
new: ideal lap time
new: server location
new: password page
new: "photo" page
new: possibility to change the suit paint
new: driver name on suit
new: live timing track length
new: look to apex slider
new: steer heading
new: race start horn
new: updated steering wheels and shaders
new: fl 2015 bodywork
new: oculus rift dk2 support

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Quasi quasi lo scarico per provarlo con l'Oculus. Qualcuno sa quali limitazioni ha la versione demo? ...non riesco a trovar notizie in tal senso sul sito...

Edited by Jacopo Belbo
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Grazie! Mi ero già risposto da solo... nel frattempo l'avevo  già scaricato ed installato... :wink:

Appena capisco come calibrare il volante provo anche l'oculus. Adesso con un grado di rotazione mi gira già completamente le ruote... bisogna regolare i gradi anche nel pannello proprietà della fanatec?

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Provato anch'io ma l'Oculus non lo fa vedere anche inserendo quel file dll consigliato nel forum ufficiale.Peccato

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DOWNLOAD BETA 12B -> http://www.drivingitalia.net/forum/index.php?app=downloads&showfile=3451

updated to beta12b to solve a crash during connection


To update Kart Racing Pro to a newer version:
1) go to the folder where Kart Racing Pro is installed ( usually C:\Program Files (x86)\Kart Racing Pro ) and backup the addons ( paints, dashes, tracks, ... )
2) manually delete the Kart Racing Pro installation folder
3) go to My Documents/PiBoSo/Kart Racing Pro/ and delete everything except license.ini
4) install the new build
5) restore the addons in the Kart Racing Pro installation folder

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