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[rFactor] - F1 2014 Patrick SP Add On

Alessandro Pollini

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File Name: F1 2014 Patrick SP Add On

File Submitter: Alessandro Pollini

File Submitted: 16 Sep 2014

File Category: Open Wheel MODs

Author : Nicola Acciarri

Formula 1 2014 Single Player add on for F1 2014 Mod by Patrick34, including specific car team Physics-Engines set, new suspensions, gears and tyre files, Safety car, new camera files, and several other files to customize Your F1 2014 Mod.

Thanks to Patrick for this beautiful Mod.

In version 1.0:

Specific physics files for all F1 2014 teams;

Specific engine models for all Formula 1 2014 cars;

Realistic Suspension models, featuring Rear Pull Rod suspensions for all teams, and Front Pull Rod suspensions for Ferrari and Caterham;

New Tyre files, featuring all compounds of Pirelli 2014.

Updated Talent files for F1 drivers, on the base of the actual F1 Championship results.

New Safety car files;

PitCrew Folder with new files;

SP camera files, and Ferrari sound changed;

Specific Tyre sets, wings setups, and Engine power for 2014 tracks, through new SP Upgrade files, and TrackConfigsbase ini file included ( Read inside how to use it ! )

AI performances improved through AI Autolearning files ( Read inside how to use them ! )

Test Track demonstration, with Monza 2013.

OPTIONS folders with:

• Lotterer driver for Caterham ( to be used in SPA ), instead of Kobayashi – helmet texture is not included.

• Gear free files: as You know, in 2014 gear setting is forbidden; cars should have a unique gear set for all the season, with only one chance to change it during the season. For this motive, basically in my Physics files You will find gearing setting locked, with only 1 option of shifting the gear set.

If You want anyway “gear setting free”, use the files included in Option folder.

• If You want the original “helmet movement while driving”, use the file included in Option folder ( is the same of the original Mod )

Click here to download this file

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