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[AC - Track]Fuji Speedway Short Course by Coco44250

Guest Uff

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Nome file: Fuji Speedway Short Course by Coco44250

Autore del file: Uff

File inserito: 16 May 2014

Categoria del file: Track


Hello everyone, since few days I'm playing with Hagn's addon for Blender.

I wanted to export my Fuji Speedway Short from rFactor to Assetto Corsa, now it's done

Ono7itfs.jpg B8N9C02s.jpg aSLs9Kes.jpg 9eeEF3is.jpg

Track Caracteristics :
Layout used in Assetto Corsa(AI line ; there is no cone or something like that) : A1 B3 C2 (look at the map)
Length (A1 B3 C2 in Bob's Track Builder) : 857m
Width : 12m - 10m
Country : Japan
City : Oyama
Pitboxes : 7
Starting grid : 10
Racing anti-clockwise

Know issues :
- AI not working, I used the AI dev app but the AI don't move.
- Some objects doesn't have 2 sided material (trees and guardrail)
- Camera is below the track
- Guardrail collisions make the car jump in some case
- When you take a screenshot with Assetto Corsa App some objects will be white

If you experiment a bug or a glitch, tell me

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