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P&G: nuovo sito web


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In attesa della nuova patch v3.1, arriva oggi un rinnovato sito ufficiale

Revised P&G website
Our previous website was set-up and run by Vasilakos Aristotelis. He is now understandably 100% focused on Assetto Corsa and as a result we lost the ability to update the site.

With the v3.1 patch/update to P&G 3.0 nearing completion, we needed to regain control of the site and so I have created a new site. It lacks the sophistication of Aris's site - I'm afraid its ten years since I last produced a site - but hopefully it can still do the job. The old site is still available and is linked on the new site.
We plan a series of blog articles to let you know the new features in 3.1 so you can take advantage of them when its released.
The address is as before
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