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Doing my part to add to the tracks in AC. I've been planning to make a track for a while now and got some time over the weekend to start on my Norwegian mountain circuit. This is a custom / fantasy track designed to be high speed with challenging elevation. I'm trying to make a circuit that will be fun for some of the higher performance road cars. This is my first version, so I will prob make some changes to the layout as time goes by. I've created a VERY rough fly by of the track in 3DS Max. Here it is as it is so far -


Currently the road texture is just a place holder and the road width is still constant, which will both change.

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So I've had a bit of free time lately so I decided to do a bit of work on my track. Thanks to Hagns track exporter I've been able to get my layout into AC and so been able to refine the layout and get it fun to drive. I've finished around 50% of the layout so I decided to start building some surrounding scenery. I've adapted it to be a coastal track, so along the Norwegian coastline then up into the mountains. I feel it gives it nice varied scenery and good speed / elevation changes to make it more interesting to drive.

Here is a scene shot of what I've been working on the pas couple of days -



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Just to offer an update. This is all still a work in progress and just part of the terrain. More detail needs to be added.



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Hey, I've made a new video for a bit of fun. This one has slightly more up to date terrain and blood thirsty AI. It's a short video just showing some of the new work @pankykapus and me have been doing.


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