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The PnG Launcher Guide


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The PnG Launcher Guide

PnG_Launcher Short Guide v1.0


Launcher is able to update your PnG installation, support tools and even itself. It also acts as a launchpad for several tools that you might have interest to use. Also is included a possibility to start the GTR2 engine (i.e. PnG) with debug mode startup parameters and an accompanying viewer for the results.

When Launcher is started it will check from the web if there is any updates available. If web access isn't available, Launcher will start slower and pop out some error messages during use, but it should still work as a lauchpad.

Launcher does not update PnG automatically. You will need to click on "Update" button to start the update process. Only the list of new updates available (shown in the white, upper right area) are automatically updated.

Launcher will create a file %PROGRAMDATA%\PnG_Launcher\PnG_update.ini. This file contains the current PnG update level, so that no unnecessary updates would happen. If this file is lost, all updating will start again from the beginning of the list of updates.

Also a temporary file %PROGRAMDATA%\PnG_Launcher\PnG_update_server.ini is created while running Launcher. This file is only used while running and it will be retrieved every time.

The Red Button "Update"

By clicking the "Update" button you start an update process, which will first download the latest list of updates (including possible Launcher updates). Depending on your OS configuration you may also need to grant admin rights/access to your computer (through User Access Control or UAC popup) for updates to be successfully applied.

Launcher itself will be updated first if an update for it is available. Because of the complexity of this running exe update, you may have to respond to more of those UAC popups when the Launcher is starting again and continuing the update process.

After that Launcher version check comes the actual game updates. Depending on your web connection speed and server capabilities, the download phase may take some time if the update is big in size. Download phase will use a folder [PNG]\UPDATES as a temporary saving location. Please note that if the update file to be downloaded from the web is found from this local location (and matches a file check), Launcher will use it instead of downloading it from the web again. These temporary update files will be removed after use.

The Green Button "Player"

This will apply enhanced AI and FFB parameters for all the player profiles detected for PnG. Creating new player profiles will require re-applying this, if these enhancements are preferred. This patching is not necessary, but will greatly improve your PnG experience and are recommended.

The Keyswitch "Start"

By clicking this keyswitch you will start your PnG game. Depending on your Launcher setting in Setting menu, Launcher may exit itself after successfully starting PnG or stay in the background waiting for your return.

For troubleshooting purposes you may also start PnG in debug mode which will create a debug/trace log ("trace.txt"). The enabling command for this debug mode is found under the Tools menu ("Enable Start with Debug mode for PnG"). The next below it is a shortcut for viewing the resulted trace log to be used after debug start.

Tools Menu

The Tools menu consists of several utility starters and debug mode enabler/viewer.

VcrSaver is for automatic saving and renaming of Hot Laps. It will be started into background where it will look for any Hot Laps the game will save, examine the Hot Lap's headers and then rename it responsively. VcrSaver is also able to control the amount of saved Hot Laps spared based on track name and car's group or name.

With Verifier you can verify your PnG's file integrity (a files checker).

PnG-Addons will install a simple horn sound for your cars and/or customize the pitboard display with your preferred name (if these options are checked). Unchecking either of them will uninstall that feature. Please note that you may need to configure a keyboard or other mapping for the horn to function as it is not mapped to anything by default.

Running GTR2Config will allow you to change your video setup parameters for PnG.

With Dedicated Server you can start a local PnG server for your own fun with your friends.

If you need to troubleshoot PnG for some reason, you can use the toggle switch "Enable Start with Debug mode for PnG" to make next start to generate a debug trace log. Selecting this line again will toggle this feature on and off. It will also reset itself after using the Start button so it won't stay in effect for more than one time.

After you have used the debug mode, you can view the debug trace log with "View Debug mode text log from previous Debug mode startup". It will open the debug trace log in Notepad. An example of a (good) trace log is attached. In this example I went all the way to the track surface, but without any actual laps, before quitting everything.

Server selections menu

From here you can manually pick different servers (just) for that session (if available), if for example your primary server is too overloaded. This selection is not saved for later use, so if bad server condition continues, you need to pick your preferred server again every time you start your Launcher.

Settings menu

Settings menu has only one option: whether to exit Launcher after starting PnG, or not. The current operating mode will be shown there in the selected line.


[PNG] means the installation folder (where your PnG is installed to).


More content will be added/corrected, if there appears to be need for it. So don't be afraid to ask, if something is bothering you smile.gif

cheers.. aSa C[_]

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