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We already have a thread to discuss a possible 2012 season mod. But until then I thought it would be nice to keep track of all the available 2012 content since there is quite a bit of it being produced now (thanks modders!). The following is just links to the mods so you will have to download and install them separately. Hopefully we can collaborate to create a 2012 conversion in the future once the mods are more complete smile.png

SEASON UPDATE (choose one)

Mr Pibb's 2012 update by Mr Pibb

Pre-Season F1 2012 V.3 by ahdan ziko

[WIP] 2012 Update Mod by Kajin


Mr Pibb's 20 race season upgrade by Mr Pibb

Bahrain & Austin, Texas by Reddvers

Melbourne 2012 by Reddvers


F1 season 2012 french language file V1 by Italien83

F1 season 2012 polish language file V1.0 by Tomek


Pictures of helmets in Grand Prix (menu) by Tomek

Logo's F1 Team (team logo's in the menu) by ahdan ziko

Riders and Helmet Pictures all new 2012 by Sennafan82


Red Bull RB8: Alex SF-1950 ahdan ziko

McLaren MP4-27: LeoDSV

Ferrari F2012: warok Alex SF-1950

Mercedes W03: ahdan ziko NobbyMilo

Lotus E20: warok

Sahara Force India VJM05: warok

Sauber C31: warok

Toro Rosso STR7: Alex SF-1950

Williams FW34: warok

Caterham CT01: warok

HRT F112: warok f1aktuell

Marussia MR01: ahdan ziko

TYRES(choose one)

Pirelli P ZERO 2012 by warok

Gl4dia70rZ Pirelli P ZERO 2012 FINAL Update by Rini Braat

Pirelli 2012 Tyres (with INTER/WET specific branding) by Tom Langford


Vettel: pmgl71



Hamilton: pmgl71

Alonso: pmgl71


Schumacher: pmgl71 ML2166

Rosberg: pmgl71

Raikkonen: pmgl71 Red Cardinal

Grosjean: pmgl71 Red Cardinal

Di Resta: pmgl71

Hulkenberg: pmgl71

Kobayashi: pmgl71

Perez: pmgl71

Ricciardo: pmgl71

Vergne: pmgl71

Maldonado: pmgl71

Senna: pmgl71 ML2166

Kovalainen: pmgl71

Petrov: pmgl71

Karthikayen: pmgl71

De La Rosa: pmgl71


Pic: pmgl71


New Helmet Kovalainen Angry Birds 2012 by pmgl71

Vettel Melbourne 2012 option 1 Hd by pmgl71

Vettel Melbourne 2012 option 2 Hd by pmgl71


Paddock Sahara Force India by ahdan ziko

Team Caterham & HRT KERS mod by BlazingRiCO

David Croft - Sky F1 by Reddvers

I will try to keep this as up to date as possible so we don't miss anything along the way.

Thank you to all the authors for their hard work!

fonte forum RD

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