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Dopo un intenso periodo di beta testing pubblico, dal 26 agosto sarà disponibile su tutte le piattaforme la prima versione definitiva e completa di iGP Manager, originale titolo manageriale della iGP Games dedicato al mondo della Formula 1. Qui di seguito il comunicato con tutti i dettagli ed il traailer di lancio.


The new iGP Manager will arrive on igpmanager.com on August 26th, for free. Following this launch, in Q4 2016 it will be released as an app on Android and iOS. This makes it the world’s first cross-device motorsport manager game with multiplayer real-time strategy.

We’ve taken every bit of feedback on board from you, our enthusiastic managers, both before and during the beta test to ensure the right balance between a game which is approachable and shareable with your friends and yet which has a greater degree of challenge and variety than ever before.

After closing the beta recently, we have continued to develop iGP Manager, and there will be new previously unseen features included when the web app launches on August 26th. These include:

  • New home page featuring your leagues news feed and live next race countdown
  • New Britain circuit layout
  • All circuit maps rebuilt in double the current resolution for crisp new visuals and rich levels of detail, with visual rubber on the track and more
  • A revised live race GUI which displays more vital information on one screen and allows adjusting of strategy while keeping the race in view
  • Live telemetry and data on your cars and their fuel and tyre usage during the live race
  • In-race strategy which can review and modify all past and future stints during the race, not only the upcoming stint

We look forward to bringing all of these new and revised features with the launch, as well as surprises we have planned for later in the year after the web app launch. By the way, you can get a sneak peak at some of these features in the trailer!


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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew
iGP Manager launches on 11th December 2011 and will be free to play with an optional subscription for premium content. The optional subscription packages start from £3.49 per month.

View a full Feature and Price comparison

Jack Basford, Project Manager at iGP Games, also spoke on today's announcement and the future.

"If you look at the annual package at £3.49 per month, each containing potentially 30 live, interactive races, that translates to £0.12 per race. Over time, as we enable more possibilities to race outside of the league system, this could even decrease further.

"We're excited about what we have achieved so far but this is only the beginning. We will be continually developing the service and adding new features. Bigger developments and new features will come in quarterly updates, plus smaller improvements more often."

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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew

F1 2012 Special & Q1 Update


To celebrate the start of the 2012 F1 season in Australia this weekend, we are offering a 1 Year subscription to iGP Manager for £30, a total saving of 25% on regular prices.

Pick a 12 month subscription and enter the coupon code F12012 on checkout to get your discount.

Offer valid for Melbourne GP weekend only (Thu 15 March to Mon 19 March 2012)

Coupon valid for new and renewing customers alike.

Q1 Patch Update


We are making good progress on the Q1 patch, set to launch this April. The signature of our first quarterly patch is the new 3D Livery Builder. You can customize your livery and choose up to three colours to change its appearance. Your team sponsors will also appear on the livery and change whenever you sign a new sponsor. See our sneak preview.

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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew

Q1 patch http://igpmanager.com/?url=news-article/14/q1-patch-release-notes

Key features & Improvements

  • Live Chat and Live Controls for all - All users, free and subscribed, may now enjoy live racing and react to situations as they occur in real-time, balancing the playing field for everyone.
  • 3D Livery Builder - Customize your team's appearance in full 3D before hitting the track
  • Practice lap times - After a test run, lap times are returned. When practice is complete all practice laps can be reviewed and compared, including which setup was used, what the weather conditions were and the lap times.
  • Eliminated 2D lag spikes - Lag spikes which were occurring in live 2D races have been fixed.
  • Weather - For clarity now limited to: Sunny, Cloudy, Overcast, Light Rain, Rain and Heavy Rain.
  • Detailed forecasts - By clicking on a day for forecasts a detailed description of expected weather patterns pops up, including expected rain levels in milimetres and more.
  • Visual weather - Visible rain spray in 2D viewer, indicating depth of water on track
  • Shortlist - Notification sent via mail when a driver or staff member becomes available if they are on your shortlist
  • League system - Inactive leagues are automatically shut down by iGP after a fixed period and leagues must be half-full to activate promotion and relegation, encouraging group participation and increased activity.
  • Team Reset option - Return to default settings and balance in the Rookie tier, useful for a fresh start when stuck in a tricky situation
  • Beginner's guide for new managers - soon to be shown to users on signup
  • Marketers now play a key role in increasing merchandise sales
  • Doctor now automatically reduces driver skill atrophy rate, maintaining higher skill levels for longer
  • Quickly find Facebook friends on iGP Manager - It's now easy to add friends within iGP Manager who are Facebook Connected if you are too. Open your manager-settings page and click "Add your Facebook friends on iGP Manager"

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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew

Q2 Update & Sim Racing Partnerships


Q2 Feature List


Key features

  • Mobile version of iGP Manager
    Will not include 2D viewer or live controls, yet. This initial mobile port will be of the general team management interfaces with the aim of porting the viewer and live controls later in the year.
  • New car design system
    Targeting an increased variety of approaches to car and component design. Intended to avoid the current scenario where everyone follows the same general design pattern.
  • Supplier attributes & requirements
    Each supplier will come with a unique set of attributes, bonuses and requirements that appeal to different kinds of teams and scenarios. This will require a total reset of all supplier contracts to come in to effect. As with the design system, this is intended to encourage a variety of approaches throughout the grid without hindering competitiveness.
  • Improved notifications system
    The revisions to this area will make the notifications system more visible, whilst covering a broader scope of topics. There will be options to choose what appears in your notification stream. These notices will bring important situations as well as reminders to your attention. The current race preparation checklist will be removed and merged in to this system.
  • Improved achievements system
    Revisions to the existing achievements system and dozens of new achievements to be unlocked.

Other features

  • Revised home page with improved visuals and more targeted information
  • Re-enable practice lap times
  • Include a 'mistake' value with all lap timing data, indicating any driver error associated with a practice, qualifying or race lap. This will help to identify inconsistencies in driver performance and make practice lap times more meaningful when re-enabled.
  • Staff and driver images redrawn for better visuals
  • For use by Moderators / Admins only: Advanced race control, allowing us to respond more quickly and efficiently in situations where races may need postponing. The outcome of this should see less delays and less significant side-effects if/when they do arise.
  • Complete redesign of iGPManager.com including a promotional video ideal for introducing friends to iGP Manager

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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew

New Rewards System & 2D Pack 50% Off


Today we are excited to announce the launch of our new rewards system. This will help to grow the iGP Manager community and is also a way for us to say thank-you for your loyalty.

From now on, each time you subscribe you will earn Reward Points. These can be used to purchase in-game goodies or even exchanged for a free subscription. Additionally, each person you refer to iGP with your unique Referral Code will earn you reward points every time they subscribe too!

To kick-start things we're offering everyone the chance to get a 1-year subscription at half-price*, which works out at just £1.75 per month! This should help everyone to invite others and get them started with the 2D pack on iGP Manager.

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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew


We have made significant progress on a number of developments projects over the last few months and on Saturday October 6th we will release a patch update with some of these changes. Going forward we plan on grouping similar tasks and development goals into releases to maximize the efficiency of the development and deployment process.

This release will focus on the simulation side of the iGP Manager game with an emphasis on bug fixes and improving the stability of the product. We have also redesigned some of the more frequently reported issues regarding weather and tire choices before and during races.

Finally in an effort to secure the long term health of the service and future expansion we will be moving our site and infrastructure to a hosted facility with a 24/7 365 day a year staff dedicated to keeping iGP Manager up and running. This change required a significant amount of development work to take advantage of the resources the new site offers us but it should serve us for many years.

These changes will require approximately a 6 hour window for us to make. Any races between 1 GMT and 7 GMT will need to be postponed so that we may be able to migrate the site to the new location. We will do everything in our power to minimize the downtime and the number of issues that may pop up during the move but we ask for your patience and understanding during this exciting change for iGP Manager.

We hope to have another group of updates ready for deployment in the coming weeks which will include a complete redesign on the design process for the cars. In essence, the October 6th patch reflects about half of the updates coming to iGP in the near future. The overhaul of the web game and design system will follow as soon as it is ready.

Release Notes (coming Oct 6th):

  • Fixed bugs with the wrong tyre compound being selected when it starts raining. (Serious bug fix)
  • Altered initial car set up so that the rain start/stop compound is added to the car if the scheduled compound does not suit the weather. (High-priority redevelopment)
  • Altered automatic weather strategy implementation such that the Pit Strategy window is updated as soon as the weather strategy is triggered. The player can now manually modify the strategy settings after this point to make any manual adjustments. (High-priority redevelopment)
  • Added mistake information to practice laps. (New development: Delayed Q1 feature)
  • Significantly altered interface between website and simulator. (Significantly improved efficiency of simulation startup, particularly for practice laps. Improved stability and maintainability)
  • Fixed difficulty of overtaking backmarkers. (Bug fix)
  • Fixed problems with DRS sometimes not applying when it should. (Bug fix)
  • Fixed issue with DRS being triggered by cars in pit lane. (Bug fix)
  • Fixed a mistake in sidepod condition calculations. (Bug fix)
  • Made pit releases a little bit less paranoid. (Tweak)
  • Built a new subsystem to respond to and attempt restoration of any broken threads of execution in the simulator to increase overall stability.
  • Standardized, simplified and optimized a great deal of the core systems. (Improved stability, efficiency and maintainability)
  • Refactored and simplified most of the networking code. (Improved stability and maintainability)

The new architecture will provide:

  • A considerably more scalable service suitable to support much larger numbers of users.
  • Greater stability through a larger number of servers with more specialized tasks.
  • Greater efficiency as each machine will be more highly tuned to its individual task.
  • An expert team of dedicated support staff on hand to monitor, maintain, and develop the service.

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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew

Insidesimracing.tv presents our review of IGP Manager. Internet Grand Prix Manager is an internet based fantasy Formula One style game. 'You manage all of the resources of the team in preparation of taking on the competition. Negotiate sponsors, hire your drivers, and test your setups prior to raceday activities. Take your winnings and further the development of your team and car. Darin and Shaun each start up their own teams to see what this simulation is all about. See what they think of it and decide if this is the type of driving game for you.

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  • DrivingItalia.NET Crew

On the 27th January iGP's suppliers will release revised engines, tyres and fuel. This will shake up the order and is aimed at creating variety in the choices people make in which suppliers they select in-game. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions on the forum regarding this idea, we have taken in all your feedback and will be doing our best to balance the update in such a way that there is more than one supplier for each component that can be used while remaining competitive.

Originally when iGP was developed I had intended for new engines, tyres and fuel to be released on a cyclical basis. This idea was later scrapped when we completely rebuilt the supply system and car attributes for the version 2 update. Unfortunately the release of that update has been postponed several times due to unforeseen circumstances. We hope that early this year we will be able to refocus our efforts on that project and get it released, as it is very near to completion.

In in the interim, we are also looking at other possibilities to spice up strategies. One idea is to have more dry tyre compounds, which will allow for much broader strategic choices, and switching to a new in-house weather system, creating more weather variety all year round. I will update you once we have more news on those developments.

This announcement is just to give all managers some forewarning of the coming changes. Be prepared to switch suppliers on the 27th of January to keep a competitive edge!

- See more at: http://www.igpmanager.com/news-article/76/supplies#sthash.9x7kPrNh.dpuf

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