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=== NEW IN V3.02 ===

- Virus warning false positive resolved

- Removed requirement to Login to use tool

- All features unlocked for all users

- Added Portuguese and Italian translations

- Added fuel calculator (available in Tools menu)

- Added oval racing setup theory in existing tabs (choose an oval track type on START tab)

- Added "In Race" tab for changes you can do to your car during a race

- Top-Right corner of window now displays what type of setup you are working on (Road or Oval)

- Remembers Celsius or Fahrenheit after restart

- Changed "wait" value to reflect seconds as opposed to ms (see Config.ini)

- Fixed link to HELP in top menu

- Fixed dialog on Dampers-1 tab that suggested incorrect fix when selecting "turn-in/understeer"

- Minor spelling issues

il link nn funziona (mi sono registrato sul loro sito)

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Ciao a tutti,

qualcuno ha provato ad usare il programma in italiano? e me crasha quando provo a cambiare lingua.

Chi l'ha provato puo' dirmi il grado di affidabilità degli assetti che il programma genera?


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