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    dirt 4
    DiRT 4: Codemasters ci parla di team management

    La Codemasters ci propone oggi una nuova puntata del suo Road Book dedicato al prossimo DiRT 4: questa volta andiamo ad analizzare tutti gli aspetti che riguardano il team management.

    It’s Road Book time! On today’s agenda is one thing, and one thing only – and that’s DiRT 4. A few weeks back we asked you what you wanted to know about; in the last Road Book we gave you the lowdown on landrush, and this week’s specialist topic is… *drum-roll* Team Management!

    Yup – this week’s update is dedicated to the inner workings of your very own race team; how you hire and fire your staff, branding your vehicles with your own livery and sponsorship deals, and improving your facilities so you can expand your team’s impact and performance.

    A few of you eagle-eyed players have also noticed in the HUD that we are clocking your vehicle’s mileage too… Well, it’s all linked to your garage and how you buy and sell your collection of cars. We’ll cover off those details in this too, as it’s all connected! So sit back, relax, grab a cup of your favourite beverage, and hear all about our brand new Team Management system.



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