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  • Anche Long Beach in Project CARS 2

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    Il team Slightly Mad Studios annuncia per il suo prossimo Project CARS 2 la licenza ufficiale del circuito americano di Long Beach, che possiamo ammirare in una nuova serie di screenshots spettacolari. Il tracciato, realizzato con tecnologia laser scan, supporterà ovviamente il sistema Live Track 3.0.

    The track has gone through nine evolutions through the years. The version that comes with Project CARS 2 is the current layout, scanned, and featuring LiveTrack 3.0. What does that mean for you, the driver? The surface condition is key to the evolution of Project CARS. With LiveTrack 3.0, the single sensors common with so many of the current generation of racing sims are no more, swept away and replaced by hundreds-of-thousands of sensors. These sensors serve to detect rain, rubber from tyres, loose materials from the outfield, and ambient temperature. Combined, they create tracks that are genuinely alive and continuously updated inch-by-inch and second-by-second, all in real-time. With Project CARS 2, it isn’t just the car physics that are class-leading—it is the condition of the tracks which drive the genre to a whole new level of realism. The days of a uniformly wet or dry track is a thing of the past—drivers must now adapt not to the conditions of the track as a whole, but, as in real-life, to the conditions of every turn, rise, and brow.












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