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    WRC8: disponibile il nuovo WRC 8 Mods, per aggiornare grafica e fisica


    E' disponibile la nuova versione aggiornata 8.0.3 del WRC 8 Mods, un pacchetto completo che aggiorna e migliora ottimamente il WRC 8 originale targato BigBen, non solo sotto il profilo grafico, ma soprattutto per quanto riguarda la fisica e dinamica delle vetture. Per il download correte qui, mentre per commenti fate riferimento al forum dedicato.


    Physics Mods:
    Effect of gravity on the car.
    Adjusts the cars angular momentum.
    Adjusts the cars angular damping.
    Adjusts the cars tire friction.
    Lowers the cars centre of gravity.
    Higher off throttle engine braking.
    Adjust damage rates.

    Changing the gravity affects many characteristics of how the car handles, grips the surface, brakes, jumps, handles bumps, slides in turns, slides on the hand brake, wheel spins, crashes, spin offs etc.
    You should now find you can cut corners and clip bumps without instantly flipping up the car, throw the car into corners and perform power slides better, use the gears and hand brake much more effectively to brake intro corners and power through corners at speed sideways.
    The idea behind the mods is that from watching WRC clips on YouTube and then watching the in game replays, In real life the cars have weight, suspension and tyres that keep the cars very much planted to the ground, something the game was not emulating very well. Just watch for example WRC 2019 Finland, Spain, Germany clips on YouTube.

    Bug Fixes:
    Water splashes from puddles when using the particles mod not working correctly.
    Snow not working correctly in the real rain mod.
    Updated the Reflections Mod to v.2
    New method to reduce the surface reflection brightness and keep the game looking as close to how it should as possible. The mod now also alters the asphalt white lines to make the white road markings blend in better and look better on wet stages. Modded the stage surface shader to make all the surfaces look better and with clearer more detailed reflections.
    Once you install any of the shader mods, in game you can now press F1 and then press and hold F2 to see what the original game looks like with the shader mods turned off.
    This can helpful because some mods are quite subtle so you can compare shader mods and no mods at the press of a button.


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