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  • TCR Virtual: vetture mods disponibili gratis e gare di qualifica attive

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    Sabato scorso è stato annunciato l'atteso campionato ufficiale del TCR Virtual, oggi, come promesso, è disponibile gratuitamente il mod completo di vetture TCR e circuiti per disputare la prima fase di qualificazione.

    Il campionato TCR Virtual accende finalmente i motori sulla piattaforma Simracing.GP, dove è presente anche la community DrivingItalia con oltre 1300 piloti iscritti. TCR Virtual è partito ufficialmente alle ore 20 di oggi, con una mod con licenza ufficiale per Assetto Corsa disponibile come download gratuito, che include tutte le auto e le piste necessarie per competere, con le vetture dotate di fisica da torneo, il che significa che si comportano tutte esattamente allo stesso modo. 

    Per scaricare la mod tutto ciò che devi fare è entrare nella community di TCR Virtual su Simracing.GP e partecipare a una gara di qualificazione. Da lì troverai i link per il download delle vetture e del tracciato necessari per le gare di qualificazione.


    Welcome to TCR Virtual - The first esports competition open to the general public hosted by the WSC Group, the governing body responsible for real-world TCR racing across the globe. Please read below for how to take part.

    Stay up to date with everything TCR Virtual by joining the official Discord Server - Link found in the header of this page

    Below is everything you need to know about competing in TCR Virtual.

    Download the Mod

    First thing you will need to do is download the official TCR Virtual Mod. This will give you all the cars and tracks you need to compete in the qualifying phase. The cars have league physics meaning they all handle exactly the same. They will be updated after the tournament to have individual physics but during the tournament it means you can choose your favourite car without the fear of any others being OP at certain tracks.

    You can download the mod by joining the TCR Virtual community & clicking the link in the "MODS" tab in the qualifying events.




    To qualify for the Knockout tournament drivers must take part in a qualification race. The races are 10 minutes long and you must finish the race with NO incidents, so drive safely and you are guaranteed to qualify. Remember the aim of the qualifying race is not to win but to complete the race with no incidents


    • Upon completion of the qualifying race with no incidents you will receive an achievement which will unlock the knockout tournaments starting on Monday 8th November.

    • Qualifying Starts on Monday 18th October and ends on Thursday 11th November

    • There must be a minimum of 3 drivers in each qualifying race server for the achievement to count

    • These races can be found in the Qualifying tab and will be scheduled around the clock

    • REMEMBER - The only thing you need to do is finish the race with no incidents, don't send it at T1 (or anywhere for that matter)

    • NOTE - You can take part in as many qualifying races as you like


    The Knockout Phase

    When you have completed the qualifying race successfully you will be able to take part in a regional knockout. The idea is simple. Join a regional Knockout and enter a heat. In round one the top 50% of the finishers in each heat will progress to round two and the bottom 50% will be eliminated. The number of drivers will reduce until there are only 20 drivers left, and they will make up the regional finals.


    • Join a Regional Knockout - You can find these in the TCR Hub Tab

    • Enter a heat by selecting your car

    • Heats will take place at 19:00 (local time to the region) - When one heat fills up a new heat will be created the following day

    • Top 50% of drivers from each heat will progress to the next round and the bottom 50% will be eliminated

    • NOTE - You can only take part in on knockout heat per round - If you no show, you're out!



    Knockout Rounds Formats

    Round One - Monday 8th - 12th November - Practice 5 Minutes - Qualifying 8 Minutes - Race 15 Minutes

    Round Two - Monday 15th - 19th November - Practice 5 Minutes - Qualifying 8 Minutes - Race 20 Minutes

    Round Three - Monday 22nd - 26th November - Practice 5 Minutes - Qualifying 8 Minutes - Race 25 Minutes

    Round Four - Monday 29th Nov - 3rd December - Practice 5 Minutes - Qualifying 8 Minutes - Race 30 Minutes

    Regional Finals

    Each continental Final will consist of the Final 20 Drivers.

    The Continental Final will consist of 2 races, the 2nd being reverse grid and following TCR’s traditional point scoring system to decide each Continental Champion. The continental finals will take place on 10th December at 1900 Local Time

    The top 3 of the Continental Finals will be invited to the on-site TCR Virtual Grand Finale.

    On-Site Grand Finale

    Our on-site Grand Finale will be held in Q1 of 2022. With the difficulty surrounding international travel in the current climate, we will release full details of the plan surrounding at a later date.


    For the Continental level of the competition, there is €10,000 up for grabs. This prize pool is distributed depending on participation level within each region. The Winner of each continental final taking home 55% of the prize pool, the runner up taking home 27.5% of the prizepool and the third place driver taking home 17.5% of the prize pool. An example can be found below


    In this example, Europe holds 33% of the drivers in the competition so they will assume €3,333 of the prize pool. The Continental Final Winner will earn €1,833, the runner up earning €916 and the third place driver taking home €584.

    The Top three drivers will also be invited to take part in the on-site Grand Finale, to be held in 2022. The overall winner of the Grand Finale will be crowned TCR Virtual Champion and earn themselves a TCR Test day with one of the TCR Teams. (Track, Car and Date TBC)

    Driver etiquette and code of behaviour

    ‍The organiser considers the code of conduct a fundamental aspect in every esports competition. It is precisely for that reason that if any Driver involved in TCR Virtual acts in any of the following ways, the organiser has the right to disqualify the player with immediate effect.

    • Unsporting conduct (insults in the game chat dedicated to other players, marshalls, organiser etc);

    • Driver Ping being unstable or over the agreed upon limit of 150m/s for a consistent period of time.

    • Obscene insults to the organising staff and subjects involved (online and offline) on any social platform, websites, forums etc;

    • Any kind of cheating will bring the guilty player to an instant ban from the championship and from our future events;Trolling;

    • Unsporting conduct on track (such as obstructing other players during the qualification, “dive-bombing”, cutting across the track, deliberately causing incidents etc);

    • Race Direction decision on incidents is final.

    NOTE - Post race stewarding will be conducted during the knockout stages only. Information on how to protest can be found on the Discord

    The full sporting regulations can be found here - TCR Rules


    TCR Virtual Audi.jpg

    TCR Virtual Lynk & Co.jpg

    TCR Virtual Honda.jpg

    TCR Virtual Alfa Romeo.jpg



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