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[rFactor2] - Corvette C7R by URD

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File Name: Corvette C7R by URD

File Submitter: VELOCIPEDE

File Submitted: 05 May 2016

File Category: Cover Wheel Mod

by UnitedRacingDesign
This version is for testing now and if everything is good, we will implent same things to whole EGT. Thank you Miroslav Davidovic for the hard work on physics!


-updated suspension geometry
-added TC options in tuning menu
-fixed minot pit timing issues
-updated damage sensitivity
-updated ultra flex (chassis flex)
-all new revised aero with new data
-updated default setup
-new steering system added
-added some more precise setup options
-Added 6 sets of new CPM tires (4 slicks, 1 inter, 1 rain) : s6 and s7 medium tire for double stints with different heating characteristics, s8 hard compound for tripple stints, s9 1h compound on medium tire performance.
-revised brakes and cooling
-some minor changes to engine damage

Click here to download this file

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