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[AC - Track]Yas marina 2014 - Night & Day Versions

Alessandro Pollini

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File Name: Yas marina 2014 - Night & Day Versions

File Submitter: Alessandro Pollini

File Submitted: 20 Dec 2014

File Category: Track

Author : TTM

Track is conversion/based on scratch made rFactor track by the league F1Pro (racedepartment) - Nad, Forlorn, Kamilo62 and Gucio 85. Thanks Nad for permission and Gucio85 for helping me to contact Nad.

Track contains 22 pitboxes, working ai and many graphical changes. I also included my own Night pp filter to package. Optimal time of day for night version is 12:00.

Next update will come in early 2015, but if there is any big bugs i try to fix them soon as possible.

Remember that both tracks are still very early stage and track lacks groove, 3d grass, but i will implement them later. Track surface also still needs some work. Night version is completely experimental and because of limitations of the game engine i can't never get it to work perfectly.

Enjoy and Merry Christmas to whole community and of course Kunos Simulazioni.

Click here to download this file

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