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    Wreckfest: Steam Workshop e tracks modding

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    Update 2016-05-20: Steam Workshop Support + Track Modding

    We're happy to let you know that the latest update adds full Steam Workshop support to Wreckfest! Thanks to the Steam Workshop support we will have one centralized hub for all the custom content created by our exceptional community, and enjoying it is as easy as it gets: simply browse the workshop and subscribe to the mods that you want to, after which they will be automatically downloaded and appear in the in-game mod manager. The best part is that Steam will automatically take care of keeping your subscribed mods up-to-date so all that's left for you is to enjoy them! And if you're a mod author, sharing your creations to the masses has never been easier: simply click a button in Bag Editor, and your mod is uploaded to the workshop, ready to be downloaded and enjoyed. For more information on publishing your mods on Steam Workshop please see readme.txt in the tools folder.


    And wait, there's more: track modding support! Yes, it's something that has been requested by many and sure enough, the latest update also adds all the necessary tools for you to create your own tracks. No matter whether you want to create an F1 circuit or a drifting course, it's all now possible. To get you started we have included a collection of example assets in mods/example/track.
    Speaking about modding tools, in case you haven't noticed our awesome community member Dummiesman has created a Blender plugin to export game specific models from the popular free and open source modeling application Blender, eliminating the need for 3ds Max. The most up-to-date version of the plugin is available on our community forum here. As always, please let us hear in case of any boo-boo. Thanks for your support!



    • Initial Steam Workshop support. Subscribed mods will appear in the in-game mod manager after they've been downloaded. See tools/Readme.txt for guidance on how to upload your mod to Steam Workshop.
    • Track modding support. All custom track data is stored in the mod's data/track folder. See mods/example/track for two example tracks (minimal and a more complete one) as well as tools/track_modding.doc for additional info on how to create your own.
    • Improved Mixed 1 track art and added a reverse variant.
    • Improved Sandpit 2 geometry and added more gameplay props.
    • Added a reverse variant for Mixed 2.
    • Fixed server browser crashing with custom tracks.
    • Retuned car-to-car collisions.
    • AI is now faster in tight curves.
    • Player starting car is now C class.
    • Improved Bag Editor with little bits here and there.
    • AI names can now be customized by editing data/property/career/ai_names.txt (UTF-8)

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