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    World Racing Series Beta 9 disponibile

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    World Racing Series beta 9 released.
    fix: sprintcars cockpit view car shadows
    fix: track animations timer
    fix: race gap calculation
    fix: sprint car engine sound
    fix: allow for a separate track layout image
    fix: screen resolution setting
    fix: plugins sprites color
    fix: plugins calls when loading a replay
    fix: input plugins POV support
    fix: updated to Oculus SDK 1.3.x
    fix: user interface background
    fix: dedicated server replay save splt by session
    new: wing lateral area simulation
    new: wing yaw offset simulation
    new: stagger setup
    new: spacers setup
    new: garage wheel rate and motion rate readout
    new: garage track width readout
    new: default asymmetrical setup
    new: cars default setups support
    new: compare setups option
    new: input profiles support
    new: external driving view
    new: dirt on tyres
    new: shared skies support
    new: random skies support
    new: vsync option in the settings
    new: HTC Vive support

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