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    Setup Developer Tool & Virtual Race Car Engineer in bundle al 50%

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    Dopo il successo del Virtual Race Car Engineer, Tim McArthur ha rilasciato il suo ingegnere di pista virtuale, con una nuova versione aggiornata del suo ottimo Setup Developer Tool, un programma molto completo e professionale: come vedete anche dalle immagini, il Setup Developer Tool 2018 ci permette di analizzare ogni dettaglio del setup della nostra vettura!

    Vi segnaliamo che è disponibile a questo link una interessante offerta invernale che include il Virtual Race Car Engineer 2018 ed anche il Setup Developer Tool 2018, con lo sconto del 50%, quindi al prezzo complessivo di 16,00€ circa.


    Learn to setup your own race car for 50% off until Jan 4th.

    Get the 20+ years of experience and knowledge packed into the easy to use Virtual Race Car Engineer and Setup Developer Tools for 50% off. Create your own setup from scratch or tune your existing setups for that extra tenth or two like never before. The SDT and VRCE are one of a kind apps that make setting up your race car as easy as answering a few simple questions. You won't find any better advice, you will just take longer to find it.

    Setup Developer Tool helps a driver create a setup from scratch by asking simple questions about the behavior of the car and offering simple advice to create your own personalized setup.

    Virtual Race Car Engineer fine tunes any setup to get every bit of speed possible, even down to specific corners on the track.

    Can be used with any realistic auto racing software that allows the users to adjust the car setup. Use with Assetto Corsa, Automobilista, F1 2017, iRacing, Project Cars, RaceRoom, rFactor, rFactor 2, Stock Car Extreme, and more.

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