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    Setup Developer Tool 2018 arriva entro Maggio

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    Dopo il successo del Virtual Race Car Engineer 2018, aggiornato recentemente con l'ultima release ufficiale, Tim McArthur ritorna con il suo ingegnere di pista virtuale, questa volta con la nuova versione 2018 del suo già noto Setup Developer Tool, un programma molto più completo e professionale: il Setup Developer Tool 2018 ci permetterà di analizzare ogni dettaglio del setup della nostra vettura! Il rilascio del programma è previsto a metà Maggio su PC e Android, mentre il 24 Maggio sarà disponibile anche via Steam.

    This interactive program steps the user through the major areas of race car setup and tuning, asking simple questions about the behavior of the car and the user’s feel under specific conditions. Choosing from a menu of possible responses to the questions, the user describes the car and the program calculates possible setup changes accordingly. This approach means that even racers completely in-experienced with setup work can use this tool to improve their setup. The advice and interactive program is the product of more than two decades of research in auto racing and race car setup. The information offered therein is relevant not only to all racing games, but real world applications as well.

    The Setup Developer Tool covers the following areas of race car setup and tuning (screens work in progress here😞

    • Springs
    • Anti-roll bars
    • Tire pressures
    • Camber
    • Caster
    • Toe
    • Gearing
    • Differential
    • Weight distribution
    • Dampers
    • Aerodynamics
    • Cross weight (Stock car only)
    • Trackbar (Stock car only)
    • Spring rubber (Stock car only)

    The Setup Developer Tool can be used with any realistic auto racing software that allows the users to adjust the car setup, including the following: Assetto Corsa, Automobilista, F1 2017, iRacing, Project Cars, RaceRoom, rFactor, rFactor 2, Stock Car Extreme, and more.

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