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  • rFactor2: intervista allo Studio 397

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    parte 2 -> http://www.racedepartment.com/threads/exclusive-marcel-offermans-studio-397-rfactor-2-interview-part-2.126535/


    RD: It was mentioned there was a proposal to bring the rF1 tyre model into rF2 , generating a number of both positive and negative comments. Do you have anything to say on the subject to maybe address some of the concerns raised?
    MO: Yeah, I've already given a short explanation in the forums when people started discussing that. I think it is a fair discussion. If you look at the rFactor 2 tyre model, it is definitely a more advanced than the one we had in rF1. There is no debate about that what so ever. But in the past couple of months, I've talked to a lot of people who make physics for cars, also people that do that professionally, who take rFactor and make physics for cars used by racing teams. Some of these are saying that yes, the new tyre model is more advanced, but with the data they have, it is actually easier for them to work with the rFactor 1 tyre model and end up with results that are pretty close to the data that they’ve got. So that is the reason why they prefer working with that model. That's the reason why I'm considering it as an option, to enable more people to work with rFactor 2. Again, stressing the point that we are trying to be an open simulation to the whole community, with as many people working with it as we can. In the end, the overall quality of the physics will determine whether people like it or not. Yes there is probably more to like in the new model, but as you well know, there are many other simulations out there that are still using the rF1 tyre model that are also creating quite nice cars. So I'm thinking why not have the benefit of that and offer an option that lets people decide what they want to drive in the end.


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