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    rFactor2: Build 300 - Update 18

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    Il team ISI ha finalmente rilasciato la nuova Build 300 del suo rFactor2: questo 18° update porta con sè alcuni miglioramenti al framerate, ma soprattutto alcune novità sul fronte della fisica, come la possibilità di flessione dei telai. E' inoltre disponibile un dimostrativo del gioco aggiornato. Tutti i dettagli e commenti nell'apposito topic sul forum. Per il download dei vari files, demo compresa, fate riferimento a questa sezione dell'area download.

    Let's try this again: We have released rFactor 2 Build 300 (yesterday's 298 had issues with some third party mods). There's been some comments about improved framerates from testers, hopefully that experience carries over to you! We've also started to implement a new constraint system (which is used in the upcoming historic Howston cars), that allows many new physics features, such as chassis flex. Most importantly, this system allows suspension geometry and wheel rates to be more accurate than the old model was able to simulate. This system adds complexity and accuracy, but has already been optimized, with no notable additional CPU usage. Of course older cars will be updated in the future, and new cars will use the new system going forward. Fortunately, it's quite easy to convert...

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