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    rFactor 2 Build 798 Update 25

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    Update 25 (Build 797-unstable, 798-release) Changelog July 21, 2014):




    Moved plugins dir to Bin32 and Bin64 for 32 and 64 bit plugins.

    Launcher now runs 64 bit executables if possible.

    Updates no longer require login.



    Fixed crash on exit.

    Fixed inability to scroll mp lobby after server item in list was selected.

    Fix problem where players rejoining a race would lose any laps over 63.

    Fixed a typo where the Real Road Time Scale setting for qualifying was used for race and vice versa.

    Fixed dedicated server memory leak.

    Reverted a change made to window style which broke some windowed modes



    Modmode: Fixed pit location picking resetting the menu every time a location is recorded.

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