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    Project CARS 2: il live track 3.0 si mostra in video

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    Sulla pagina Facebook ufficiale, il team Slightly Mad Studios ha appena pubblicato un breve ma interessante filmato dedicato allo sviluppo del suo prossimo Project CARS 2. Il filmato ci mostra in dettaglio il funzionamento e soprattutto l'evolversi del nuovo sistema live track 3.0, che, considerando la temperatura dell'aria, dell'asfalto e la gommatura progressiva della pista, cambia ovviamente in modo radicale la situazione per i piloti dopo ogi giro.

    Qui di seguito la lunga e dettagliata spiegazione di questa evoluzione ed il filmato. Cosa ne pensate?

    Project CARS 2 - Livetrack 3.0 - Temperature Debug Rendering

    00:00 - Back to Brands Hatch Indy, the sun is setting and the track temperature is 23.4c, the race has just started and the 20 cars drive off - we are sitting on the first corner waiting for the racing pack to drive through. The track is a bluish green reflecting the cooler track surface.
    00:11 - The first cars are taking the corner and already we are seeing some yellow streaks
    00:16 - The pack has passed the first corner and there's plenty of activity and temperature rises on the track from the heavily braking and skidding cars taking a difficult corner
    00:20 - Notice that the corner is already starting to cool and the temperatures spread further from where the cars drove as the temperature dissipates
    00:47 - The corner continues to cool and there's no longer any yellow areas, only green, but its still possible to see where the cars drove
    00:48 - Lap 2 for the cars and the track starts to warm up even more from the cars
    00:52 - Red is now beginning to be seem on the surface as areas of the track get even hotter
    00:58 - The corner is at its hottest, it'll start cooling now over time as the cars drive the rest of the lap, watch the heat dissipate
    01:22 - Lap 3 and the track hasn't cooled below yellow this time as the leader of the pack takes the first corner
    01:26 - I've never seen this before or since; a car slides losing control and the rest of the AI pile into him - watch as the red streaks of temperature litter the track as the AI desperately try to avoid the cars in their way
    01:33 - The AI start to leave the scene of the crash but they've left a lot of evidence of an incident in the form of heat on the track surface
    01:39 - That extra heat is already dissipating across the rest of the track
    01:53 - I move the picker slowly across the track surface. It starts at 23.4c but as we get closer to the hotter parts, the track is warmer even though no cars drove over it
    02:04 - As we hover over the hotter parts of the track, we can see its temperature reducing over time
    02:21 - I pick a point very close to the hot parts of the track, its currently 31.3c and drops to 31.2c within a few seconds but at 02:34 it starts to rise in temperature as its neighbours dissipate heat to it before starting to cool again at 02:47
    03:12 - A flyby of the entire tracks surface
    04:19 - The braking zone for the first corner, this is where we are seeing the most heat generated
    04:27 - Notice that the picker is several metres off of the main driving track but its still showing 23.5c
    04:52 - I freecam to an area of the track where there's no braking or skidding areas and move laterally across the track to show there's a very small rise of temperature peaking at 25.2c so the tyres are radiating a small amount of heat even when not skidding or braking
    05:13 - Drone view over the tracks surface for 1 lap

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