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    Nascar 2003: nuovo Replay Analyzer

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    Tutti gli appassionati di Grand Prix Legends e della serie Nascar Racing (mod's compresi) targate Papyrus conoscono l'utility Replay Analyzer, molto più che un programma per visualizzare i vostri replay, ma una preziosa fonte di informazioni: oggi è stata rilasciata la nuova versione con numerose nuove features e bugs corretti.


    Mechanical/Damage report
    We have added a "Damage Cost Summary" to the Mechanical report, summing up all damage costs based on adjustable part costs (change the costs in File->Options).

    You can include the above mentioned summary in Race report as well, but the Race report will take longer to generate with this option set.
    New types of mechanical problems/damages were also added to the Mechanical report. It now also report lost fifth and sixth gears (previously only 1-4 and reverse) as well as Brakline damage.

    Also added is an XML-export of many of the statistics found in our reports.
    We hope this will make it easier to import these stats into other applications and databases. The XML-export is also available via commandline.

    Trans Am ride height
    We've added a new feature to scan TransAm (PTA) replay files and fix the incorrect ride height problem. The problem before was that the player's car was drawn too low and wheels and chassis would sink down under the track. This feature improve the appearance so it is mostly correct, but it isn't 100% perfect in all circumstances. Thanks to Jan Kohl from the US Pits for the idea and help doing this!

    Race report
    Made sure numbers were not written in scientific format in the Laptime Consistency Table in the Race Report.

    Save replay lap
    When saving a replay lap and using a fixed temperature the temperature is now added to the default filename.

    In Speedtrack drivers are now marked with the colour used to indicate that lap is faster.

    Bugs fixed
    -Sometimes a fastest lap wasn't marked correctly in the Race History Graph.
    -Under some circumstances when drivers entered the server but no one entered the track the Report Site Listener crashed when processing such a replay.
    -Some addon tracks did not load correctly, fixed this.
    -Viewing the trackmap in the graph when analyzing tracks with long
    filenames no longer crashes the program.
    -When exporting to telemetry text the tire temps where incorrect.
    -In the Race Report "Highest Climber" table was incorrect

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