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    Live for Speed: patch S1G

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    E' finalmente disponibile per Live for Speed l'attesa nuova patch ufficiale versione S1G, che porta con sè fra le altre cose numerosi bug fix, grafica più stabiile e migliorie al multiplayer. Potete prelevare l'update da 3,37MB sia in versione normale (anche per il demo) che per il server dedicato. Questa la lista completa dei cambiamenti:


    Changes in patch G :


    Improved multiplayer timer to reduce time warping
    Removed constant "Sync" messages from network debug
    Block / unblock user messages by pressing "-" key
    Faster host pinging when getting a List of Games
    Removed "-" option from List of Games filters
    Decreased the size of some packet buffers
    Increased size of joiner and authorisation queues
    FIX : ghost of user getting stuck in meeting room


    Overhead names are smaller and invisible behind hills
    SHIFT+U camera mode improvements (for follow car mode)
    Default screen clear changed to "clr + sky" (faster)
    FIX : Alpha object sorting when track LOD switched off
    FIX : Crash that could happen when changing screen size
    FIX : Lag / input problems that showed up with patch F


    InSim system to control LFS with an external program
    Various packets can be sent to or requested from LFS
    Some new console text-based commands have been added
    Please read InSim.txt file for programmer information


    Small arrow indicates selected racer in position list
    AI drivers try to select colour config with their name
    Scroll bar on SPR / MPR / Skin selection screens
    FIX : doppler bug with chase and helicopter views
    FIX : /speedreduce and /reducehalf, can use "=" sign

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