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  • VELOCIPEDE By VELOCIPEDE, in Software, , 0 comments, 904 views

    So what does that mean for us all? Whilst the gameplay will only ever get better, we can now announce support for Oculus VR, Linux and Mac versions, support for modding via Steam Workshop and visuals that edge ever closer to photorealism. With the extra power available in UE4, your request to make the tyre walls break apart into individual tyres is also being worked on, which will only add to the fun factor in the sandbox mode. (Server options will be available to turn this off for more serious drivers).

    We've also taken your feedback and will be improving the engine sounds significantly. There are a lot more features that will be announced soon, but will be keeping them under wraps for the moment.

    Thanks again for all your feedback and getting KartSim Greenlit. In the next update, I hope to give you a firm release date for KartSim, which I'm sure you've all been waiting for.

    In the meantime, since we've received a lot of requests to do so, we'll be releasing templates for everyone to start working on their helmets and team tents, with an accompanying tutorial on how to texture them. Stay tuned!

    Zach Griffin



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