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Quanto conta il setup?

Scopriamo quanto conta davvero un assetto auto ideale e come influisce su vettura e pilota.
Il setup nel simracing

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    Gran Turismo Sport: al via FIA GT Championships e TOYOTA GAZOO Racing GT Cup

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    Dopo l'ultimo aggiornamento delle prestazioni delle vetture, arrivato lo scorso 25 Marzo, arriva oggi per Gran Turismo Sport il doppio annuncio relativo agli attesi tornei del FIA GT Championships e TOYOTA GAZOO Racing GT Cup, per la stagione 2021.

    Il FIA GT Championships, come al solito certificato ufficialmente dalla FIA, partirà il prossimo 21 Aprile, per concludersi come di conseuto nel periodo di Dicembre con le World Finals.


    The 'FIA Gran Turismo Championships' 2021 Series will open on 21 April.

    Continuing from the previous years, there will be two Championships contained within, with the 'Nations Cup' fought by top representatives from various countries and territories around the world, and the 'Manufacturer Series', a competition between various auto manufacturers including the Official Partners Toyota and Mazda.

    In the all-virtual 2021 Series, in addition to the usual Online Series where competitors can earn points, there will be 4 ‘World Series’ events where the top players from around the world will battle, and a ‘World Series Showdown’ event in August that will wrap the first half of the competition, and then the ‘World Finals’ that will determine this year’s champion. The number of participating countries and territories will increase to a total of 61, evolving into an even more exciting global championship.

    As always, these events will be broadcast to the world through our official ‘Gran Turismo TV’ YouTube Channel and ‘Gran Turismo Live.’ Viewers will be able to enjoy watching the exciting battles of the best players in the new series right from the comfort of their own homes.

    The FIA GT Championships started as a championship certified by the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) in 2018 and has produced many iconic battles and human drama since its inauguration. In last year’s Series, not only did Japan’s representative Takuma Miyazono became champion of the Nations Cup, he was also joined by Mikail Hizal (Turkey) and Daniel Solis (USA) in Team Subaru, to also win the Manufacturer Series. What drama awaits in the 4th year of the Championships? See for yourself the history in making, and the birth of new heroes!

    Il TOYOTA GAZOO Racing GT Cup, dedicato all'omonimo marchio giapponese, partirà invece il 25 Aprile, per concludersi anch'esso con una finalissima in Dicembre.


    On 6 April, Toyota GAZOO Racing, an official partner of the FIA Gran Turismo Championships, has announced the details for the ‘TOYOTA GAZOO Racing GT Cup 2021' e-Motorsports series.

    The ‘TOYOTA GAZOO Racing GT Cup 2021’ is a global race series continuing in the steps of the ‘GR Supra GT Cup’ which started in 2019. This year a unique regulation has been implemented where the vehicle to drive changes every Round, making this competition evolve into an even more attractive race series. The series will be fought using a wide lineup of cars such as the GR Supra, which reached 1.3 million in-game cars purchased since its inclusion in Gran Turismo Sport, followed by the GR Yaris, which reached 530,000 cars sold in-game, as well as the just announced GR 86 which is slated for inclusion in the game mid-year, and other dedicated racing cars.

    The series opens on 25 April. This year's champion will be determined through eight races, including seven qualifying Rounds that start on that day plus the Final planned in December. Whether you participate yourself or root for your favourite driver, enjoy the world of e-Motorsports that provides a unique experience you can’t quite get in real world motorsports!



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