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Minardi Simracing Academy: trionfa Perrella

Michele Perrella vince la prima edizione della Minardi Management Simracing Academy, tutti i dettagli.
Minardi Sim Academy

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    GP Bikes beta 7B disponibile

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    fix: brakes mass simulation
    fix: drafting
    fix: wet simulation
    fix: pitboard during practice
    fix: warmup free join
    fix: reconnection during warmup and race
    fix: data mismatch info
    fix: dynamic track surface optimizations
    fix: whitelist and blacklist update
    fix: improved alpha mipmapping
    fix: improved 3D grass rendering
    fix: replay crash
    fix: rider lean override
    fix: joystick freelook pitch
    fix: freelook tilt
    fix: live timing track data
    new: engine torque reaction
    new: event name
    new: dedicated server save option
    new: improved replay helmet cam
    new: replay laps list
    new: exhaust smoke
    new: output plugins race data
    new: possibility to disable a joystick input
    new: replay orbit camera speed
    new: knee collision
    new: knee sliders sound
    new: EdTracker support
    new: Oculus Rift DK2 support


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