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    Automobilista Early Access build 0.9.8

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    A new Early Access build of Automobilista has been released - v0.9.8 is now out.
    This is the main changelog:

    • Added Speedland Kart track venue (4 layouts)

    Features & Fixes:

    • Enhanced pneumatic trail by adding new PneumaticTrailGripFractPower (PTGFP) function, for much improved self-aligning torque (should make tire forces more perceivable through FFB)
    • Tweaked FFB output code & added "FFB Low Force Boost" to Controller UI (this should help wheel "lightness" under low steering forces with lower end FFB controllers)
    • Added new low speed FFB fuction to eliminate vibration / oscillation at very slow speeds
    • Revised default Realfeel settings and pneumatic trail values to match to new FFB functions
    • Added AIWs to Time Trial anticheat verification (this will lead to failed authentication in case of AIW edits)
    • Added function to sort cars of different performances within the same series for the TT leaderboards
    • Tweaked road dust smoke & skid properties
    • Brasilia: Tweaked track limits to allow running over green crete run-off
    • VIR: Improved road & curb textures
    • Superkart: Adjusted tires, slight increase of front/rear track width
    • Karts: Adjusted tires
    • Montana: Adjusted mirror height; Fixed oversized interior Windshield resolution (from 2048px to 1024px)
    • Boxer: Added wiper to cockpit view; Corrected AI tire wear
    • Lancer Cup: Fixed pneumatic trail bug which numbed FFB output

    If you have a multiplayer race tonight, you may want to check with the league admin whether you´ll be racing with the old version or this latest v0.9.8. Previous v0.9.67 is still available as a Beta branch on Steam (by right-clicking Automobilista on Steam -> Properties -> "BETA" tab, and selecting v0.9.67 from the dropdown box).
    As per the changelog, V0.9.8 features some substantial Force Feedback updates - read about these in the AMS FFB topic.

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