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    Automobilista: Development Update 13/5

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    Next public update
    The beta is currently up to v0.9.29, and we´re just about to wrap v0.9.3 for testing. If all goes well this version should be deployed to Early Access over the next week. This build will feature a new track (VIR), a new series (Boxer Cup), plus a long list of fixes & improvements (the changelog for these latest updates is attatched at the bottom of this post).


    Content development
    Things are generally fairly advanced for release on the content side of things - besides what´s already incoming with v0.9.3, we also have the Copa Montana, Speedland kart track, Mendig Gymkhana shaping up very nicely and should make it to release within the next few weeks. As defined in the original post, all the above content is free and designed to make it to the game in time for full release. They will be added along the course of may.


    We have also began making progress with modelling of content to be released post-release (in the form of both free & premium DLCs) - @Alex Sawczuk , @ilka & the rest of the track team are hard at work with Brands Hatch, the first of 3 official british tracks to be released as premium paid DLCs (you can find more information about our plans for these DLCs here).


    We are also started with the Formula Vintage (free), and the Ultima GTR, the latter to be our first premium DLC car release. Here are some early shots of the Ultima. The Ultima GTR is one of the high performance british kit cars in development to be released in DLC package, featuring both road & race variants. We are working on adding a couple of other great british cars to this package, which we hope to confirm soon.
    Worth reminding everyone that you can get an advance taste of all the new content (including the Boxer & VIR now), participate in the dev process and secure all upcoming premium DLCs for Automobilista with a nice overall discount by acquiring our Membership packages.


    Features & tools
    On the coding front, current efforts are concentrated developing the backend structure for our web portal & integration with the game, which we hope will significantly boost the community experience around Automobilista. @Luis Miguel, @Dave Stephenson & @Thiago Izequiel are working hard at it. Along with this, Luis is also developing the remaining features for our Time Trial mode.


    The free AMS dedicated tool via Steam is now in beta and should be made available shortly - league runners interested in giving the beta a try feel free to contact me via PM for advanced access.
    Work also continues in the remaining items listed in the original roadmap. We look forward to sharing more about them in our next development update.


    Build v0.9.28b:
    Added option for mapping multiple commands to the same key / button
    Added extra custom AI physics values to improve AI stability
    Fixed bug with windshields of various cars becoming transparent at night
    DynHUD: Improved viewport detection and change reaction; Renders on top of big monitor now; MapWidget now renders item positions correctly again
    Boxer Cup: Further physics & AI refinements


    Build v0.9.29b:
    Added a Series .SRS auto-sort function - SRS files no longer need to be named "REIZAXX", and the game will automatically sort their main menu listing in alphabetical order, with original series coming first - slots REIZA01-28 & REIZA99 are reserved for Reiza original content, mods can use REIZA29 up to 99 OR any other name of the modder´s preference; New REIZAXX must be in upper-case
    Fixed a bug with LCD displays that could cause the game to crash after loading a session in certain conditions
    DynHUD: Fixed on-track detection for MapWidget
    Further AI callibration to atone for new AI stability values from previous update
    Revised aeromap for several cars
    Reverted advanced transmission for sequential boxes while a still present bug is rectified
    Updated sky textures
    Curitiba: Smoothed out section near 200m board in the main straight for Curitiba 1 layout
    VIR: Further smoothed bump exiting uphill esses
    Supertruck: revised tire physics
    F-V12: Fixed cockpit lights
    F-Vee: Fixed rollbar LOD distance
    StockV8: Updated steering wheel LCD display
    Opala: Fixed championship scoring not computing
    Boxer: Further physics development Corrected disc glow pivot points


    Build v0.9.3:
    Revised Portuguese & Spanish localization (work still in progress)
    Added parameter to define engine layout & orientation, and set cars with transverse engines (Marcas, Mini, Lancers, Karts) accordingly

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