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    Automobilista by Reiza: ultimo update, con Donington e Snetterton

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    In attesa di ulteriori notizie sul nuovo Automobilista 2, il team Reiza Studios rilascia oggi l'ultimo aggiornamento con relativi DLC aggiuntivi per il suo ottimo Automobilista. Come novità troviamo i circuiti di Snetterton e di Donington Park, entrambe acquistabili a Euro 4,99.

    Con l'occasione dell'ultimo update, Reiza lancia lo sconto del 50% sull'acquisto di Automobilista in versione Ultimate Edition: con soli euro 28,98 ci portiamo a casa il gioco con inclusi tutti i contenuti finora rilasciati. Commenti sul forum dedicato.


    The final update to Automobilista is out, and with it the last DLCs featuring two popular British tracks as Donington Park and Snetterton are also available both as standalone items as well as a part of the AMS Season Pass:

    To celebrate the occasion we have launched the Automobilista Ultimate Edition, which bundles the base game with the Automobilista Season Pass, granting you all that AMS has to offer in a single purchase, 50% off the full price:

    This release includes several controller support updates for all 3 major manufacturers so please check the changelog for expected changes.

    Qui di seguito il changelog completo sull'update rilasciato, che porta Automobilista alla versione 1.5.24, con importanti migliorie per quanto riguarda i volanti, come per esempio il supporto al Podium di Fanatec:


    This release includes several controller support updates for all 3 major manufacturers so please check the changelog for expected changes.
    One such change means Logitech G29 / G920 users no longer have to use separate branches from main release for automatically configuring rotation lock per vehicle.
    If you experience any issues running the game following the update, it´s worth running a Steam Integrity Check to make sure all files have been added / updated correctly.
    The previous v1.5.16 release remains available as a Beta branch in case you experience any issues with this new build or have an upcoming league race with the old version. Further instructions as to how to switch to a beta branch here.

    Below is the changelog for v1.5.16 -> v1.5.24:

    • Added Donington Park DLC (GP and National layouts)
    • Added Snetterton DLC (300 and 200 layouts)
    • Updated to latest Fanatec SDK, adding: support for Podium DD; rumble support on wheels and pedals; configurable flag LEDs (when applicable); improved 3-digit display and shift LEDs turned off if ignition is off, blinking if pit limiter is on; LED brightness configurable (when applicable) - all configurable from in game menu. Wheel rotation on game exit is now reset to maximum of wheelbase (can be configured to different value from controller.ini).
    • Updated to latest Logitech SDK - no more need for separate branch for Logitech G29 / G920 on Steam; Logitech G29 / G920 now resets to 900° on game exit (can be configured to different value from controller.ini)
    • Fixed a bug with Thrustmaster rotation detection, now game won´t change Profiler rotation from what it was before launching game
    • AMS Config now defaults to Windowed mode on Windows 10 systems due to Antialiasing failing to apply on NVIDIA cards in full screen mode (in case of problems run AMS Config and disable)
    • AMS Config app no longer crashes on exit
    • Multiplayer: Halved empty autochat message send time (to 15s) to keep connection alive and increased message priority to aid inactivity disconnects
    • Fixed occasional audio artifacts
    • Drift mode CTD possibly fixed
    • Slightly reduced default steering ratio for all vehicles
    • Several skin updates for various series












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