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    American & Euro Truck Simulator 2: nuovo sistema illuminazione con l'update 1.40

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    SCS Software ha annunciato che i suoi due trucking sim American Truck Simulator ed Euro Truck Simulator 2 riceveranno un nuovo sistema di illuminazione con l'aggiornamento 1.40: questo nuovo sistema si è rivelato essere il più grande rework grafico affrontato dal team in anni.

    Questo sistema fisico di illuminazione rappresenta per la casa di sviluppo il primo cruciale passo verso un miglioramento dell'intero modello fisico del mondo di gioco: anche se non si tratta ancora di un rendering fisico completo, l'update 1.40 rappresenta uno step nella giusta direzione.

    Ecco di seguito il changelog completo:


    The major internal changes

    • The scene is lit using real-life intensities (illumination: tens of thousands of lux for the daytime,  tens of lux at night) 
    • To get light ratios into play - the rising sun overpowering street lamp lights and truck headlights, etc. This means we had to adjust all light sources and also readjust every emissive material in the game.
    • We have a new display mapping function for better artistic control (exposure, contrast, toe, shoulder) 
    • We needed to get those real-life intensities onto the computer screen in a similar way as a camera's exposure works. 
    • Improved and more sensitive histogram for exposure selection
    • This is due to the actual exposure being selected differently in every scene, and this varies also with differing light levels and the current weather type. 
    • Light source (street lamps, vehicle lights) changes. 
    • We have switched light sources to a more physical attenuation ('inverse square falloff'). 
    • We are in the process of switching to a physical-unit-based configuration to reduce guesswork. 

    But also many smaller visual tweaks 

    • Relightable reflection 
    • Reflections in shop windows and smooth surfaces better matches the time of day and weather 
    • Improved reflection behavior 
    • On truck paint, shop windows, and glass in general 
    • Sun horizon shadow
    • Visible when the sun rises or sets 
    • And a zillion other small tweaks, fixes, and changes.


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