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    rF2: Sportscars Unlimited by Virtua_LM

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    So you thought after GTPC v1 Virtua_lm was in for a vacation???

    HELL no!!

    Today we will anounce the next chapter we have started.

    Sportscars Unlimited

    This mod will be build for Rfactor2.

    No logo yet just a name and a few renders.

    So what is it.

    After release of GTPC we started talking about what to do next.

    First most important thing was we wanted to build cars we as group really liked and we wanted to thank a couple of people who

    helped us a lot with info for GTPC by building their cars.

    So we started gathering info for a couple of cars.

    1. Gebhardt c91

    2. Brun c901.

    3 Interpid RM1.

    Virtua_lm tries to make historical correct cars. So a lot of fun we have is finding all those small details, contacting original racedrivers,

    mechanics and try to get as much info as possible to recreate them and be as historical correct as possible in looks, physics.

    That is for us the fun of modding.

    Because we have upgrades it is impossible right now to build this for AC.

    So yes it looks like we model the later years of sportscar racing now. But Unlimited in Sportscar Unlimited stands for cars WE like so could be a older sportscar car too.

    Vivemclaren has started to model the RM1. Today we would like to show you his first progress report.

    As you can see lot of work is still to be done.

    Vivemclaren do" list

    1991 : Adding a small rod for #65 (Mid Ohio)

    1992 MTI : Extra louvres front hood

    1992 MTI : Low downforce rear wing (need look for pictures in historic races)

    1992 MTI : Finish the rear part

    Rods on the front hood : Scale them

    All versions : details

    All versions : Engine & mechanical part

    and then all the other stuff..... So still a very long way to go.

    We are still on the lookout for images from a few races. If anyone can help us we would be very happy

    Missing picture


    Rd 2 - West Palm Beach (need pictures of the rear part)

    Rd 4 - Miami (we have only one picture of front)

    Rd 5 - Road Atlanta (need more pictures)

    Rd 7 - Lime Rock (need more pictures)

    Rd 9 - New Orleans (without rear wheels covers) (need pictures)

    Rd 10 - Watkins Glen (need more pictures)

    Rd 12 - Portland (need pictures)

    Rd 13 - Del Mar (need pictures of the rear part)


    Rd 0 - Daytona Test #4 (need pictures)

    Rd 2 - Miami #5 & #12 (need pictures) and #4 (need more pictures)

    Rd 3 - Sebring #5 Headlight version?

    Rd 4 - Road Atlanta #4, #5 & #12 (need more pictures)

    Rd 5 - Lime Rock #5 & #12 (need pictures)

    Rd 6 - Mid Ohio #12 (need more pictures)

    Rd 7 - New Orleans #4, #5 & #12 (need more pictures, without rear wheels covers)

    Rd 9 - Laguna Seca #12 (need more pictures)

    Rd 10 - Portland #15 & #41 (need more pictures)

    Rd 11 - Road America #12 (need more pictures)

    Rd 12 - Phoenix (need more pictures)

    Rd 13 - Del Mar #4, #5 & #12 (need pictures)


    Rd 2 - Miami (need pictures)

    Rd 4 - Atlanta (need pictures)

    Rd 5 - Lime Rock (need pictures)

    Rd 6 - Mid Ohio (need more pictures)

    Rd 7 - Watkins Glen (need more pictures)

    Rd 9 - Laguna Seca (need pictures)

    Rd 10 - Portland (need pictures)

    Rd 11 - Phoenix (need more pictures)

    So what about GTPC for Rfactor1.

    The final Patch is worked on. Personally I am working on making the paint templates ready, Swisshutless physics and

    Vivemclaren in between modeling few 3d model issues.

    Smaller paint issues are less importatn to us

    Possibe with a extra car but Let us see if we can make that happen for real..

    I think the builder. Monsum The track modeller who brought you Sebring, Le Mans, Mid ohio Made one carThat car will hopfully be included in GTPC.

    A car originally made for GTX5!



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