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    GTP Mod: info & screenshots

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    imgSono disponibili dopo lunga attesa nuove informazioni e screenshots inediti del prossimo GTP Mod che il team Redline sta realizzando per Nascar Racing 2003 Season: trovate tutti i dettagli qui sotto, mentre per le immagini dirigetevi qui.


    - First of all we have changed the car lineup slightly due to issues with the game. We are now including 4 car shapes as follows... Sauber c9 , Jaguar XJR-9 , Toyota 88cv and Mazda 787b . All cars are now C series cars from a similar era and were modeled to scale not the collision box but are close enough to the collision box that it’s not very noticeable.
    - Each car has its own cockpit, parts and sets of gauges all modeled and placed separate so each looks completely different inside and out.
    - Full carset of the real drivers liveries and names from each of these famous cars
    - Ai performances to match the cars
    - Cockpits contain window reflections and separate specular lighting.
    - We also have done separate 3d tires and rims for each make of car that leaves the disc brakes visible thru the rims.
    - The driver was also rebuilt so it’s to correct size and shape from original Papy shape
    - New drivers and pit crew textures as well.
    - All new Spotter sounds.
    - In-car sounds for each car.
    - New ambient ingame sounds in menus etc.
    - The game interfaces... i.e. menus are totally redone graphically.

    Physics: We have 4 new modified gtp physics which are modeled after each car in the series as far as the papy physics would allow down to fuel cell size , rpm's , speeds and general handling including tire wear. After 3 months of testing the feel of the cars has really come to life and racing between each of the different makes is very good. The Slowest car in real is the slowest in our version so things are modeled realistically but close enough for some good racing. The ride height issue has been mostly solved so it is barely visible now. As far as online racing... well sierra wont work but the new physics work perfectly fine in non sierra online sessions. Hopfully with new racelist services coming out now and in future we will try to integrate with them to curb any cheating. You will not be able to run any other series with our physics.

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