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    F1 Challenge: OWOR Mod aggiornato

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    Vi segnalo che è disponibile per F1 Challenge '99-'02 la nuova versione aggiornata del divertente Open Wheel Oval Racing Mod, che in questa release implementa molte delle novità dell'engine di Nascar Thunder:

    New Features include: Pace lap at start of race with option to turn off and on; Caution laps for the races with option to turn that off and on; Dedicated server support for the new OWOR mod.
    This mod uses many features from the NASCAR Thunder 2004 game engine. This mod is especially good for online racing and I hope they will see fit to support it on the F1RST2 servers.


    (1) *If you are using the 53 series or higher NVIDIA drivers you might see some strange colors or something when you go from one screen to the next for a split second. This does not seem to effect the rest of the mod. But if you do see any other strange graphic happenings I would be willing to bet that the video driver is the reason if it is of the 53 series or higher.

    (2) The mod comes with a default OWOR Player. You can create your own player if you like but after you do and exit the game you then need to go into your, F1 Challenge 99-02 folder and open the OWSave folder. In there open the new player folder you made in the game. Then when in there open the .PLR file. EXAMPLE:--> JohnDoe.PLR. Then in there scroll down to were it says [Graphics Options]. Then scroll down about 3/4 of the way down that column and find were it says, Wheels Visible In Cockpit="0" and make the 0 a 1 so you will see the front wheels while in cockpit view. Also you must set the nomber of AI Opponents at 21. The mod comes with 22 drivers but the game will count you as the 22nd driver. There will be add on cars made to eventually make up a 42 car field. [NOTE] If you prefer you can simply rename the OWOR Player folder and any files inside there that say OWOR Player to what ever you want your name to be in game.

    (3) For some reason the AI drivers seem to only give a good race at two of the tracks. Those would be Talladega and Las Vegas. I have not figured out why this is. Public assistance is more then welcome on this. In fact public assistance is more then welcome on anything in the OWOR mod. Even though the AI drivers do not race well on the rest of the tracks this is almost a perfect online racing mod. That is the main reason for this public beta release. I am sure there will be updates to finish this off so please be patient. When updates are done that I myself fix I will post it on the forums. Thank You for taking the time to read.,, J.B.B

    The mod comes with only 2 tracks to keep the download size reasonable. More tracks will be available from above. If your game is not installed to the default location from the CD then you will have to use the drop down tree on the installer to locate your F1 Challenge 99-02 folder and install to there. If your game is installed to the default location from the CD then simply click install. After installation you can use the OWOR For F1 Challenge 99-02 shortcut that will be on your desktop. When you double click on that the game will then run the 3DConfigurations for OWOR then the game will run with OWOR. Go to the site and click on the OWOR F1C MOD link at the top. Thank You for taking the time to read.,, J.B.B

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